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Kennt ihr gute Zitate aus liedern von metalbands?

von Blackbloodband, 52

"So here I will wait for the spring, In the garden of tears.
If you listen in the night, you hearken the cries from the heart of the wood.

And so here I will wait, until my last dying days. Wishing upon ages, these flowers will someday bloom.

I'd wait here forever just to see these flowers bloom.
They never bloom." 

Neverbloom- Make them Suffer (Deathcore) 


"Paradise awaits as I unfold
Bleeding days into the soil
Forgetting the child you always were
Becoming the man takes more than words
Hate the way my thoughts they sway
Home is but a place, a cage in a frame"

The Void Alone- Fallujah (Tech Death)


Noch eins aus einem Text den ich geschrieben habe. ^^

"In your darkest dreams
I am the thing that's hiding in the shadows
You are the one who
Suffers in the sleep
Your end is what you see
In your f*xking dream                     'Cause I'm the Dreamkiller"

Dreamkiller- BlackBlood


"I have come to cast these unprofitable souls into a land of eternal darkness.
They will join their angels and demons in a life of weeping and gnashing of teeth.
Burn their flesh to a crisp, and let the flakes fall down for my children.
The smoke will ascend to the divine one's realm, where I will meet him with his second f*xking death."

Godless Times- Rings of Saturn (Deathcore)


"This system makes us abandon our true skills 
Forced to work a job that could already be done by technology 
We are too comfortable with our shackles 

You will feel the sorrow that i feel knowing we imprisoned our own species with the monetary system."

Enslaved and Subservient- Vulvodynia (Slam) 


Ich hoffe dir gefallen die Zitate oder zumindest eins davon und du konntest was mit meiner Antwort anfangen...

von BlackBanan24, 48

Meine Favoriten:

"As if the irony was more than a defense mechanism 
And we could actually laugh for a change"

"As if the gods were bored with peace in our hearts 
And their fingers are itchy
As if we never broke people out of sheer boredom 
And slept calmly among the wastes" 

Beides aus "Exercises In Futility VI" von Mgla. Eigentich könnte ich auch direkt den gesamten Text reinkopieren.

"Countless waves around me
Strong until the last
Leaning into dimming dreams
All that was has passed" - Be'Lakor: Countless Skies

"The stronger of the two could see
A distand bird, how weak was he
In drawing near but knowing not
Just who he was or why or what"-Be'Lakor: In Parting

An sich ist das Zitat relativ nichtssagend, wenn man aber den gesamten Song betrachtet (das Lied erzählt quasi eine eigene kleine Geschichte) ist es absolut genial.

"So arm your heart with self-worth
Yet prepared for sorrow and pain
Don't let fear eat you from inside
Wear your weaknesses with pride" - Insomnium: Weather The Storm

"One day you'll walk the world and keep in mind
The heart you've been given in winter time
And through the bitter cold, with opened eyes
You'll find the strength to fight and stand upright" - Gojira: Born In Winter

"Halo over our demise
Following a god so blind
Sallow in their sickening
Swallow not, the shit they feed" -Machine Head: Halo

"The hate you feel is nothing more
Than love you feel to win this war" - Machine Head: Bite The Bullet

von VannyMetalgirl, 21

Ich mag Ektomorf "The One":

You can hate me,
But you'll never break me
I'm the fire, I'm the one
This is my life this is my way
You can't break me, I'm the one :)

von Ewok2001, 54

F*** your trends, f*** your friends
F*** your groupies that try to pretend that you're down
You're f***ing not
Nobody wants what you've f***ing got

You will never be one of us

-NAILS - You will never be one of us

Ist zwar Powerviolence aber auch geil.

von Thelostboy342, 15

Even through the darkest days
This fire burns, always

von TechnologKing68, 99

"I took a bullet in my brain, inside I'm the king of pain, outside you will fear my name..."

Most epic text ever (Iron Maiden - Death or Glory).

Allgemein gibt es von Iron Maiden tausende gute Zitate :)

von TheValyrian, 67

Wenn du auf Kriegsthematiken stehst, dann findest du vielleicht in den Texten von Sabaton etwas.


von OMGLO2, 81

bestes zitat ist von Lauchkönige das lied heißt myrtle und ich fand am besten wo der immer "was ist das für 1 myrtle" sagt

von Maienblume, 61

"Satan is amused." Witchcraft, Deconstruction

von 3runex, 65

Wide awake and keeping distance from my soul.

Cold and Ugly von Tool

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