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Englisch Referat über L.A?

Hey habe in paar tage meine mündliche englisch prüfung ich muss 5 min über ein thema reden ich habe mir das thema Los angelos ausgesucht und ich wollt wissen ob ich bis jetzt alles richtig gemacht habe?

Good morning mis....and ….

I have always been interested in Los Angeles that's why I want to tell your something about Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the largest city in California and the second largest city after new York in United states. L.A it has been ranked the third richest city and fifth most powerful city in the world. People who live there are called angelenos.

I haved chossen 3 districts in Los angelos and i want to tell the attractions Hollywood, Beverlyhill and Santa Monica Hollywood is one of the famoust districts in Los angelos because its the landmark of los angelos and its the world biggest film industrie each letter of the Big HOLLYWOOD sign is 12 meter high.The 2 most well filmstudios at the time are universal studios and the warner brothers. Few movies from the universal studios are The Fast and the Furious, King Kong, Spider-Man and jurassic Park few movies from the warner bros are all Harry potter movies , the hobbit and Batman.

In hollywood is the walk of fame there are stars with the name of the famous celebritys like michaell jackson, elvis presley, jackie chan, muhammed ali.muhammed ali was offert a star by the walk of fame but he refused the offert with the grounds that he bear the name of his honored prophet an he cant it allowed that people tramp on it for this reason he is the only who had a star on the wall and not at the floor.

Beverly hills has the highest Population of celebritys worldwide even small house cost there more than 1 million doller. In Bevely hills are the most expensiv road of the world names roadeo drive on this road the rich people go shopping there are lots of shops with clothes, jewelry and all fashiondesignerstores how gucci chanel armani dior-

Santa monica is famous for his long beaches and the santa monica pier. The Santa monica beach is 3.5 meilen (5,6km) long that she divide the beach in to sectors in north of the pier and in south of the pier . The north of the pier is seperadet from the city by the poles and The south of the pier is at the same level with the city, Hotels,houses and parks on this side is the muscel beach to they training lots of people by the beach. The Santa monica Pier is in the middel of the two sectors the pier is the landmark for the city you can there always go to the amusement park and to the restaurants.

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OMG. Ich erlaube mir, nur den Anfang zu korrigieren.

Vorab: Sprich den Namen Los Angeles bitte RICHTIG aus, nicht so, wie die meisten Deutschen das tun, NICHT wie "Loss Eyndscheless", sondern etwa wie "Ändscheles" oder "Ändscheliihs" 


New York

LA. has been ranked... (ohne 'it')


Los Angeles (nicht "Angelos")

I should like to talk about... (NICHT I want to tell..)

on of the most famous...

Beverly Hills

It's the site of the world's biggest film industry

the two best....

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Es sind einige Rechtschreibfehler drin und einige andere leichte Grammatikalische Fehler, vom Inhalt find ich es gut

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