Englische Kurzgeschichte Zusammenfassung korrigieren

Ich hab eine Zusammenfassung der Geschichte just along for the ride geschrieben und hoffe einer von kann da mal rüber schauen, Ich hab bisschen Probleme immer im simple present zu bleiben. :)

the short story 'just along for the ride is written by dennis kurumada, and is about a group of five boys who accidentely hit someone with their car. The boys drive around a little and get bored very soon, so one of them have the idea to knock over some kid. The protagonist isn't thrilled by the idea, cause he doesn't want the kid to call the police. But the boys don't care and choose a victim. The joke gets out of control and they crash him badly. Immediatly the protagonist realizes that the victim was a friend of his. He wants the driver to stop the car but the others disagree, especially the driver so the boys commit hit and run. Full of panic they realize that a brown volvo chasing them. They manage to lose him and the volvo slides off the road. When the protagonist gets home and can't stop to think about the crash he cruises a little in his car to clear his head. When he's back home the boys are there to tell him that the victim survived. He gets to his car again and drives up to the victims house. It ends when he rings the door bell.

Also falls du grad ein wenig zeit schau da doch mal rüber und guck was da falsch ist, das wäre sooo soo soo lieb. :)

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