Englisch Characterization ist der Text gut (über das Buch Martyn Pig)?

Wir schreiben in Englisch eine Arbeit über das Buch Martyn Pig.Wir müssen es bald abgeben und ich wollte fragen ob es jemand auf Grammatik korrigieren kann und eventuell jemand noch Verbesserungsvorschläge hat eventuell auch jemand der das Buch gelesen hat

Hier meine Charackterisierung von Martyn Pig

Characterization Martyn Pig

The protagonist and narrator is Martyn Pig, a fifteen year - old boy wo is living with his father because his mother left years ago. He has to do all the domestic work, because his father is an violent alcoholic. He hate his father. Martyn grows up in poor conditions. He is often teased for his name, Martyn Pig. He is a naive and thoughtful teenager who is in love with Alex, although he knows that he doesn't have and change because of her boy friend. Martyn is a dawdler, he loves to let time pass: to wait and drink tea, several cups, eat chocolate biscuits with it, take a bath, walk on the beach in the december loneliness, hang around in the department stores during the Christmas Shopping, but he is distuged by desolate festive dreams, don't rush into anything. His best friend Alex, often comes over to spend time with him. Martyn reads thrillers, murder mysteries and especially the comics of Sherlock Holmes. He watches his favourites Inspector Morse, Columbo and Law and Order on the Tv. His life is characterized by indecsion and fantalism. He has no faith in the future. Martyn has a rather dull view on the world, because of Martyn's past experiences he views the world from a dull perspective, so this means there fore that his points of view aren't always so reliable. His shared opinions on himself and other people are sometimes biased or skeptical. Martyn Pig's life isn't really the best. He ends up accidentally killing bis father William Pig. This accident will leave young Martyn to lead a life full of deception, disloyalty and doubtfulness on a daily basis.

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