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Hallo, ich muss morgen eine Film review zu "Shakespeare in Love" abgeben und wollte mal fragen, ob jemand diese Kontrollieren kann.

Task: Write the review for a young people's magazine.

Film review “Shakespeare in Love” This review is about an interesting and lovely Interpretation of Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet”. The movie “Shakespeare in Love” by John Madden does not just tell us the story Romeo and Juliet also he integrates Shakespeare (Joseph Fiennes) himself as Romeo and his love Viola De Lesseps (Gwyneth Paltrow) as Juliet. First of all we see Will a playwright and poet of the Elizabethan Age having a writer’s blog. In search of new ideas for his plays Shakespeare visits a ball at the De Lesseps House falling in Love with Viola at the first sight. Tragically Viola should be married to Lord Wessex (Colin Firth) who is more interested in the dowry than in Viola. Breaking with social rules Viola an admirer of poetry starts a romance with Will.

When I saw the film I really enjoyed the realistic impression you got of the conditions dominating during the Elizabethan Age. So at this point a great praise for the props, the costume design and the setting. It is fantastic to see the social difference between the nobles and the normal population. Especially the costumes of Queen Elisabeth (Judi Dench) have to be highlight.

All those who might think now: A romantic movie set in history. Not on my Watch! Just go ahead, read the next lines and understand why this film could also be one for you.

What makes “Shakespeare in Love” to a really great film is the interaction of music and camera. Just listen to music played during a close-up it is possible to image the emotions of the person.

Another point that convinces me is the acting. I think there are not so many films where the situations of the different persons are played in such a brilliance way.

Finally I absolutely recommend the movie “Shakespeare in Love” to everyone who looks for great entertainment in a historical sleeve.

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Hallo, Ich muss morgen im Fach Englisch (10.klasse)eine Review über meinen Lieblingsfilm abgeben. Da ich schlecht in der Grammatik bin und deser Aufsatz benotet wird, hoffe ich das mir jem. diese Review kontrollieren kann. Die Handlung muss im simple present stehen.


My favourite film “The Vow“ is a 2002 American romantic drama film directed by Michael Sucsy and wrote by Stuart Sender. The realease day was February 10, 2012 and he running time is 1004 minutes.  .The film is inspired by a true story.

The story plays in Coloraso and tells a dramatic love story . The first main actor is Rachel McAdamsa who plays Paige Collins,a 24-years old ,beautiful, creative and lovable girl . The other main actor is Channing Tatum who plays Leo Collins, the husband from Paige,a 25-years old, attractive, senstimental and thankful man.

The story begins in a little city in Colorado .Page and Leo, since 4 years happy married, on their way home, in a snowing night. At a stop sign, Paige unbluckles her seatbelt to lean over and kiss Leo. At this moment, a ruck rams their car behind and Paige crashes trough the windshield. Leo realize fast the situation and drive total injuries his wife in the next hospital. Hours later a docter tells Leo that Page has a serious head injury and will stays in coma.Days later Page awakes and doesn`t know who Leo is. She has partial recollection of her life until five years ago and she does not recognize anithing in this time inklusive Leo . Her estranged parents Rita and Bill Thornos use the unusual situation to bring Paige back home. Leo decides to win his big love back, but her arrogant 30-year old ex-fiance Jeremy (Scott Speedmann) is courting Paige and she does not know why she had broken with him.

It´s a heart-touching fantastic movie about love and pain for young and old. All actors plays a creadible and amazing role. The director build realistic special effecs in the film and good music in every passing situation.

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