Eurokom Ausarbeitung [Korrektur]. Kann jemand drüberschauen?

Ich müsste meine Ausarbeitung für die Eurokom am kommenden Mittwoch meiner Lehrerin aushändigen und bin mir immer noch nicht sicher ob diese Ausarbeitung ok ist, oder gar akzeptabel ist :/

Meine Eurokom ist über Apple.

The current company Apple Inc. was founded in April 1976 by ​​Steve Jobs, Stephen Gary Wozniak and Ronald Gerald Wayne in San Francisco. Apple Inc. is a company headquartered in Cupertino (California) that manufactures computers and consumer electronics, as well as operating systems and application software. Apple was in the 1970s, the first manufacturers of personal computers and contributed to more widespread. The starting capital of 1750 dollars came from the sale of Jobs' VW bus and the Hewlett-Packard calculators Wozniak. Bis1975 Wozniak worked for the computer manufacturer HP, where he realized that the cost of a computer's components were fallen so far, that such should be realized for home users. Steve Wozniak thus designed the first computer with Steve Jobs in a garage in Palo Alto. There, in 1976 and the Apple I, which was renamed wurde.1977 selling for 666.66 dollars Apple already canceled computer as a corporation and the partnership of the two company founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and Ron Wayne. In the same year the Apple II before which sold itself to 1985, almost two million copies. It cost about $ 1,300, included a TV for display and was the first full-fledged personal computer. Apple sold more than 1.2 million Apple II, and reported sales of over $ 1.4 billion. In 1995 there was a major setback for Apple than Microsoft Windows 95 introduced. Apple's operating system was considered outdated, and Apple wrote short red numbers. As of 2001, Apple began to expand its product range and took the iPod in its product range. Years later came the introduction of the first iPhone, with which Apple has shaken up the smartphone market and has revolutionized this. Apple expanded its product range further and further apart and sells PCs and notebooks eventually MP-3 players, smartphones, tablets, etc. With $ 560.3 billion, Apple is the most expensive stock in the world.

Nur mit dem Inhalt bin ich ein bisschen unzufrieden. Und wäre echt nett wenn jemand leichtere Wörter zu einigen Worten finden könnte. Ich wäre euch sehr verbunden :) LG

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