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An accident report (Simple past : active and passive)

A Reporter spoke to the Police About a traffic accident in San Clemente.Read his notes and write his report.Be careful: some sentence have to be in the passive.

  • corner Main Street/Park Road, 9.30 am
  • cyclist ran into old woman
  • seen by young woman and boy
  • man cycling too fast, couldn't stop
  • cycled away, didn't get help
  • ambulance called by young woman
  • old Woman taken to hospital
  • description of man given by boy and young woman
  • Police now Looking for man
  • description sent to all police stations in San Clemente

At 9.30 am yesterday an accident happened at the Corner of Main Street and park Road.A cyclist ran into an old Woman.The accident was seen by a young woman and a Boy.The man was cycling too fast and...


PS. Möchte nur wissen wann genau man the passive verwendet.

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