Kann mal wer drüberschauen, danke (Englisch Writing Aufgabe)?

Creative writing task

Imagine you are on a desert island. You open your diary to write down your story. It should contain the following aspects:

  • why you are on the island
  • what has happened since you arrived on the island
  • a surprising event
  • a logical ending

Continue the story

I woke up. The sun is blazing down. It’s another day on the island..

..I’m lying in my bed. I raise my head and look through the glassy ceiling right into the bright sun. It’s a cloudless and sunny day. I feel the warm sunbeams on my skin. During the next few minutes, or maybe hours, they turn kinda hot. Therefore, I decided to get up. My bones feel like pudding. It was a long day yesterday. I turned here 3 days ago, but I still have got so much to do. Today the truck with my lounge furniture will arrive. I hope they will send some removalists too. I stroll out of my bedroom, through my kitchen and my bare lounge. I pull my blue-white striped cotton towel from the chair and got right out of my patio door. I throw my towel on a beach chair and slowly walk down those deep-black marble stairs into the pleasantly cold water of my pool. I swim a little bit around and grope with my naked feet over the warm, smooth and dark marble tiles. I started to relax a bit. Suddenly I feel a strange thing on the ground of my pool. I usher it between my toes and feel, that it haves some elevations and edges. I stoop and pick it up. It’s a key. I feel a curious feeling ascend in me. Who is the owner of the key? What can I do with it? And why did it lie on the ground on the pool? Questions over questions and no answers within reach. I get out of my pool, wrap me in my towel and clean the key with a tissue. I go back into my kitchen, put the key on the table and make me some sandwiches. A few minutes later the removalists already arrived. They are two adult and beefy men in deep-blue overalls. They smile at me and start to unload my furniture. After all my stuff is where it has to be, I’m going to see the two removalists off. But they say, that they still have a thing to unload. I’m questioning myself: What did I missed? Huh? Before I could finish my thinking, the men come up to me with a chest, made of dark wood. It's hard and rugged wood kind, locked with a golden, light reflecting lock. It looks ostentatious. I’m overwhelmed. I’ve never seen this chest before. And suddenly I put one and one together. That’s it! I sprint to my kitchen table where the key lays. I carefully lead the key bit into the golden keyhole. And lo and behold, it fits in! I slowly turn the key to open the crate. A silent click. Then I’m opening the chest lid. Me directly leaps a note to the eye. I pick it up and read. “Dear successor of my house. Hereby I’m sending a bottle of wine to celebrate your moving in, in your new house. I hope, you are happy with it. Be good to yourself and enjoy the nice view across the island. Yours prepossessor.” That sounds good, I think. I’ll invite my family and do what he decided to do. Bye

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Kann mir jemand sagen ob der Text richtig ist (auf der englischen Sprache)?

Hier derText...

Tapenum and Sarah Tapenum is a native people but Sarah an immigrant from England. On the morning she gets up and puts her clothes however, Tapenum prepares for hunting, he has to be quiet. Before he will open the door from his native house he picks up his bow and arrow. When he stands outside, he enjoys the red sunrise and welcomes this day. Sarah on the other hand goes in the kitchen and makes a little fire. The family haves a girl, who helps in the household. After making the fire, she eats the pudding, which her mother has makes. After she has eaten the pudding she feeds the chicken. Later she meets her best friend and tells her secrets. In the opposite of Sarah, Tapenum goes hunting. He has happiness and hunts a rabbit. His mother takes the catch. After the hunt he moves with his friend to go fishing. In the distance they see smoke. It is an old man on a camp, who makes a boot. On this time Sarah helps her mother with the butter and tells her secrets too. After Helping she prepares a meal. When her dad comes home, the family eats dinner. Sarah learns red and write, so she gets after the dinner lesson from her dad. Later her friend Elizabeth comes to play a game. When the sun goes down she must goes home and brings water for the next day. On the native village Tapenum is tired from hunting and sits on the fire. The fire is warm and he sleeps very fast. So he goes to the bed. But Sarah on this time, tells her doll her day. She hears her parents, which speaks quietly in the candlelight. Tapenum on the other site goes to bed. On the next morning his parents are ill. He makes a teatime and hope, that they will be healthy.


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Frage zu einem Defekt einer Kitchen Aid Küchenmaschine, Elektromotor Kollektor messen - Fehler gefunden?

Ich habe hier von meiner Mutter eine alte KitchenAid Küchenmaschine mit Kollektormotor, die nicht mehr läuft. Kohlestifte augenscheinlich in Ordnung. Ich habe heute mal den Motor vom Getriebe und Gehäuse getrennt und separat versucht laufen zu lassen. Der Motor lief auch in allen Geschwindigkeitsstufen an, allerdings unter heftigem Bürstenfeuer. Optisch ist der Kollektor bzw die Lamellen unauffällig, keine zugesetzten Lücken, keine verbrannten Stellen und auch nicht eingelaufen. Also habe ich die Lamellen gegeneinander mit dem Multimeter gemessen, ich messe zwischen den benachbarten Lamellen jeweils einen Widerstand von 0,38-0,4 Ohm. Außer zwischen zwei Lamellen, da rührt sich gar nichts. Kein Widerstand, gar nichts. Misst man diese Lamellen jedoch jeweils rechts und links zu ihren Nachbarn ist alles normal. Das wundert mich etwas, wenn eine der Lamellen keinen Kontakt mehr hätte dürfte man zu beiden Nachbarn nichts messen können, oder ? Kann das die Fehlerquelle sein und der Kollektor ist defekt ? Ich kann einen kompletten Anker für die Maschine bestellen und der ist nichtmal so teuer, jedoch möchte ich halbwegs sicher sein daß es daran liegt. Durch das heftige Bürstenfeuer trotz sauberen Kollektors gehe ich schon von einem größeren Defekt aus. Die Kohlen sind noch sehr lang und Federspannung ist auch vorhanden. Werden dann natürlich auch mit erneuert. Hat jemand einen Tip was ich noch messen/machen könnte um den Fehler einzugrenzen ?

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