Kann mir bitte jemand diesen Englischen Text verbessern?


ich muss in Englisch ein Referat über eine Umweltschutz Organisation halten und wollte Fragen ob mir jemand den folgenden Teil von meinem Referat verbessern könnte?

As you all know, we have to look after our planet. There are a lot of environmental organizations, which draw attention to the issue and try to take care of it. A good example is the organization called “Deutsche Umwelthilfe”, which translates to German environmental help. The abbreviation is DUH.
With about 100 employees and 459 members there committed to preserving our natural basis of life since 1975. Unlike any other German organization they connect the protection of the environment and of the consumers.
From a political point of view the DUH is independent and recognized as a non-profit organization, as well as entitled to sue.
One of their goals is to interest the consumers by educating and advising them. For example teaching them, to check where the product, which they want to order is coming from.
The DUH is allowed to prosecute violations of the law along with violations of the consumer protection law with appropiate measures.
They advocates, especially in Germany and other European countries in favor of sustainable lifestyle and economic forms, which respect the load limits, meaning economic forms, which don’t endanger the stability of the ecosystem.

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