Wurde der Text Grammatikalisch richtig erfasst?

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Abgesehen davon, dass der Text ziemlich langweilig ist, enthält er schon einige Fehler,

My name is ...., and I want to tell you something about my favourite food store today.

It's about the food store Real. Real was founded near Düsseldorf in 1992. In 1992 Real only had 10 employees and produced a lot of groceries.

Have you any idea how many employees work there these days? They have about 1500 employees now in the company and Real sells about 1000000 different products nowadays.

Real is my favourite company because they sell very good products and their employees are really friendly. I buy a lot of things there, but my favourite products are their doughnuts. The special thing about Real is that you can find ist stores everywhere. 

AE. ;-)

I'm ..., and I want to tell you about my favorite grocery store.

The store is called "Real". Real was founded near Düsseldorf in 1992 and had only had 10 employees at that time, offering many types of groceries. How many employees do you think work at Real currently? They have about 1,500 employees in the company! Real sells more than a million products. 

Real is my favorite company because they have really good products and their employees are really friendly. I buy a lot of items there, but mostly Berliner products. The nice thing about Real is that you can find their stores everywhere. 

That's the end of my presentation.

Thanks for listening. ...

Ich glaube mit "Berliner" hat er wirklich "Krapfen" gemeint. So nennt man die dort. Deshalb habe ich "doughnut / donut" geschrieben.


Peinlich (meinerseits). Daran dachte ich nicht. Gott sei dank bin ich nicht ein Berliner. ;-)

"Krapfen" heissen hier zum Teil "bismark (filled) donuts"

"Paczki" auf Polnisch, so weit ich weiß. Viele Einwanderer aus Polen hier, über Jahrhunderten.

Man sieht "Paczki" hier momentan.


Ja, ich würde es genau so schreiben.

Es gibt schon ein paar Fehler.


Ich hab mir ja nicht alles durchgelesen😅 Ich lese es mir schnell noch mal durch und überlege


Englisch.Übungen für meine Nachhilfe-Schüler?

Hallo! Ich gebe 2 Schülern (6.Klasse, Gymnasium in Bayern) in Englisch Nachhilfe. Leider werden sie rein garnicht besser. Ich übe mit ihnen immer die aktuelle Grammatik, aber sie können trotz Satzbau-Übungen keinen normalen englischen Satz in den Schulaufgaben bilden. Außerdem haben sie viele Rechtschreib- und Vokabelfehler, Kann mir jemand sagen, was genau ich vielleicht üben könnte? Ich möchte ihnen wirklich helfen!

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Englisch Referat über mich und meine Familie! VERBESSERUNG BITTE!

Ich muss ein Referat halten über mich und meiner Familie deswegen wollte ich mal fragen wie ihr das hier findet. Ich würde mich freuen wenn ihr mein Referat verbessert! :))

Mfg. Linda

Hello, my name is Linda G... and I am 16 years old since the 10. April 1997. Now I tell them some things about my family.

I have 1 brother and 1 sister both are younger than me. The name from my brother is Labinot he’s 12 years old. He goes at the Dreifaltigkeits-Mittelschule Amberg. The name from my sister is Shkrute she’s 15, in other words, she enters puberty. She goes to the Luitpoldschule Amberg. My father and my brother have birthday on the same day. My father will be 50.

My mother is 48 years old she has married my father at the age of 25. she couldn't have any children about 7 years. My mother and my father was born in Kosovo. They first went after Kroatia and live there about 4 years because my father has worked there. They live in Kroatia with my oncle and his wife. After 4 years they went to Germany as asylum seekers. First they was in Cham, after then they went amberg. Then I was born.

My family and I live here in Amberg. We life in a beautiful house. At home we speak more Albanian than german. It's very important be able to master his mother tongue, because we visit our home country. We visit every year my related in Kosovo they live in the capital, Prishtina. And we visit Ulqin for 10 days. this is a beach city in Montonegro.

Now I tell them a little about myself and my best friend. In the future i would to work in a büro. I would like have a nice future. The important is that I have a good Job, and a nice family. But first i must have a good school graduation. My favourite hobby is shopping. I love it to buy new clothes. But I have so little money. I'm a stundent and have no money.

I have a best friend. Her name is Isabel she's 15. She has long fair hair. She looks like a Barbie. She is so beautiful. Sometimes she is a bit crazy, but it's very funny. We just laughter every day when we are at school. That's not ok, but we can't otherwise. She is awesome.


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Morgen mündliche Englisch Realschulprüfung, Text Korrektur

Hallo, ich habe morgen meine mündliche Realschulprüfung. Wir haben heute die Aufgabe für die Kurzpresentation(2-3min.) bekommen und wollte eure Meinung wissen. Es geht um ,,My Dream Job,, Hier ist der Text: My dream job Now I will tell you something about my dream job. My dream is to be a police officer because the uniform gives me strength. When I was a child I always wanted to arrest criminals to secure the city. I had three weeks internship at the police station and it was very interesting. So I can imagine to work as a cop. There are many departments in this job. Once the police protection, second the criminal police and finally the district police. The police protection has many interesting activities. They are called to inserts, to traffic accidents but anyway it is very dangerous because they arrest criminals. The criminal police is also an interesting department. They consult witnesses, they consult victims of crime, write reports and they are civil. That’s very important so they are not recognized by the criminals. The district police is something for older cops because they don’t have much action. They attend schools and speak with the pupils. That is not a thing for me. I want to work more at the police protection because it is very interesting. In this job you can earn about 2000 € a month. But it also can increase. That was my presentation about my dream job.

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(Englisch Arbeit) Könnt ihr Sätze mit glad abaut, happy about, fed up, excited about, bat at/ good at, angry about, crazy/mad about, used to, worried about und?

Und noch afraid of z.b. They are losing the match oder: The girl is crazy about playing tennis. Es muss immer mit (ing) sein.
Bitte schickt Sätze mit (I'm,they are,he is,she is...

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Englische Texte besser schreiben?

Wie schreibt eine Einleitung,conclusion,email

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