Wordpress Forum bbPress Problem! Wie registrieren sich User in meinem Forum?

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Zwar auf englisch, aber so geht's:

"First you go to Appearance > Menus.

If you haven’t created a menu for your site , then create one.

You then select the menu you want to edit.

Now you go to the Custom Links section to your left and enter the url of the form you want to lead them to.

So the url of the login form of your site would be


Where “yoursite” is your sites url.

And the Link Text would be “Login”.

If you want to put a link to the registration form it would be


And the lost password form would be


You can of course use front-end login forms and link to them,

You can also use this plugin to control when to show these menu links to users when they or logged out or haven’t created an account to your site."

Quelle: https://codex.bbpress.org/step-by-step-guide-to-setting-up-a-bbpress-forum/#10-adding-forum-menu-items

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