woher kommt das wort hi...?

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Es ist eine Grußformel die aus dem Englischen übernommen wurde (Anglizismus).

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aus dem "amerikanischen" englischumgangston

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Habe das gefunden: HI - ".or words to that effect, are used by most of us several times a day. 'How do you do?' (literally 'how is your health?'), 'good morning,' 'good afternoon,' and 'good evening' have been English greetings since the mid 15th century.Surprisingly enough, 'hello' didn't become a truly common greeting until the mid 1860s. It comes from 'holla!', stop! (French ho! + la, there); it had been used as a shout to attract attention, hail a coach, ferry, etc." Page 184. From I Hear America Talking, by Stuart Berg Flexner, Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., New York, 1976.

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Kommentar von Berndmitd
09.09.2010, 18:47

Noch eine Theorie:

There are several theories which account for the origin of this word. According to one theory, in the old days when people bumped into each other, the first question they asked was "How are you?" This was the standard practice. Since everyone knew what the first question was going to be, they asked it very quickly.

When "How are you?" is said quickly, it sounds like "hiya". Soon "hiya" began to replace the much more formal "How are you?" Some people thought that "hiya" was too long and reduced it to "hi". Therefore when you greet someone, "Hi, how are you?" what you are actually doing is merely repeating yourself. You are saying, "How are you? How are you?"


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