Wo hängt das Gemälde "piéta" von van Gogh ?

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Es gibt zwei Versionen des Bildes, eine im Vatikan, eine in Amsterdam.

Die in Amsterdam ist die frühere und größere Version.

"The artist had previously realised a first version of the same subject,
larger and with brighter colours, for his brother Theo; it is now
displayed in the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam."


Eugène Delacroix 1798–1863: Pietà, oil on canvas (35 × 27 cm), 1850, National Museum, Oslo

Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890) "kopierte" eine Lithographie dieses Ölbildes zweimal – spiegelverkehrt:

"Van Gogh made the Pietà paintings from a lithograph of Delacroix's painting. The subject and composition from the original remain, but Van Gogh brings his own style to the artwork."

"The Delacroix lithograph La Pietà, as well as several others, fell into my oils and paints and was damaged. This upset me terribly, and I am now busy making a painting of it, as you will see." Although stained, the lithograph survived.


Pietà (after Delacreoix), 1889, Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam

Pietà (da Delacroix), 1889 circa, Vatican Collection of Modern Religious ArtCittà del Vaticano

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