wo bekomme ich eine Rekindle Candle her?

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Hilfe bei einem Englisch aufsatz!

Könnt ihr mir helfen mein sehr, sehr sehr kurzer aufsatz wird benotet und niemand möchte mir helfen es zu korigieren könnt ihr es lesen und korrigieren????? Das ist es

A exciting fishing trip I know I will still remember this day till I’m old. Because this was the most exciting day in my life. So, I had to write this story down. It was a sunny weekend in the cabin, where we had lived. On the first night my dad, my mom and I told about the following day. My father and I planned for Sunday to go to a fishing trip, during mum went to buy some paints. We got up really early to go on this trip. When we reached near the river, a strange man told us about a problem with a stray black bear in their area. I was a bit scared, but we went on this trip anyway. When we arrived the river, we saw that the man was right, when he had told us the river had been higher. Although the river was higher, we went to fishing. I was really happy, that I was the one, who caught the first delicious fish. I guess the fish was a salmon. But my luck ended soon, because we saw the first rapids. It was the first and fastest rapids I had ever seen. Suddenly dad couldn1’t hold on anymore and he fell into the water. It was difficult to drag him into the boat, but I did it. Unfortunately, his foot was broken. But our trip was not over, because of the hungry dangerous bear, we had seen. My dad said, when we pasted the black animal ,we had to be quiet and then he would disappear. But the bear wasn’t disappear. What could we had done? And in this moment my dad took without asking my fish and threw it to the bank and the bear followed it and and he was away. We were relieved, when we had seen the bear no more, so we went to the old bridge There we saw the biggest surprise on this day, the black big bear again. I was shocked at first moment, my dad couldn’t run away with his broken leg. Then I took a knife from my pocket, which I thought I would not use it. But suddenly I heard a horn,so I turned around and my mother with a shocked face. When I turned back, the bear had disappeared. And I had seen the bear never again. Danke im vorraus :D

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Kann ich diese Zusammenfassung zum Buch The bottle Imp so lassen?

Hallo, ich weiß nicht, ob ich diese Zusammenfassung so stehen lassen kann! Es wäre nett, wenn ihr vielleicht mal schauen könntet, ob ich irgendwie Zeitfehler oder ähnliches drin habe .

summaryKeawe an Hawaiian, decided to go to San Francisco. There he noticed one beautiful house and stopped at it .Then the owner of the home came to him. Keawe said to the owner that he would like to have so a house, too. And so the owner meant, that he could have a house for 50 dollars when he bought a bottle with an Imp which fulfilled all his wishes . So Keawe bought this bottle. The owner of this bottle musn´t be in possession of it when he dies or his sole will burn in hell . It must sell cheaper than the owner has paid before. Keawe went to his friend Lopaka, and told him all what had done and everything about the bottle. Then they went together back to Hawaii. Upon arriving home Keawe discovered that his uncle had died and that he had left him a beautiful land at Hookena and exactly enough money to build the home of his dreams. Then Lopaka bought the bottle because keawe didn´t want this bottle anymore. Keawe accepted the good fortune and began living a life of contentment with a house of his dreams . Until he saw a beautiful woman names, Kokua. They wanted to marry. Then the rich Hawaiian went home and saw, that he had Chinese evil. He realized, that he couldn´t marry Kokua in this condition, so he decided that he had to find the magic bottle and must buy it back. Only doing this he become healthy and could marry his love. When he was back in San Francisco a white man had this bottle. But Keawe realized , that the price had dropped dramatically. The owner had paid two cents. Keawe decided that he will marry Kokua and so he bought the bottle for one cent. He wished that he is healthy. Now the Chinese evil was healded, but he always thought at this, that he can´t sell the bottle cheaper an that he must go to hell when he die. Then Keawe married Kokua. He told Kokua all from the beginning and said that he can´t sell the bottle cheaper then one cent. Then Kokua said that they had to go to a country where a penny is not the lowest coin. They went to an Island of France and sold the bottle for four centimes there. Then Kokua bought the bottle from her man with the help of an old man. She told the old man the whole story and that she will buy it back from him after he had bought it. The man bought it for four centime and she bought it for three back. Keawe discovered this and convinces another man to buy it for two centime with the promise, that Keawe will buy it back from him for one centime. The man who shall bought it for Keawe is a greedy and wicked man and as he had the bottle he wouldn´t sell it to Keawe. The wicked man didn´t care that he went to hell, because with this bottle he could wish himself everything he wanted. Now Keawe and Kokua are free and nobody of them must go to hell when he dies.

danke im vorraus lg

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Candle Cove Folgen finden

Wie und wo findet man Folgen von Candle Cove..und nein, ich mein nicht die gefälschten, die nur Statik enthalten, sondern die echten von 1972

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Kann mir jemand dieses Summary korrigieren?

The text 'A life in the day' is written by a 27 years-old man who called Skinnyman and lives in north London. It's a interview in which he describe his course of his day. First he tells that he is addicted to cannabis. He provides the dealer, who make money with the addicts. Because the addicts have'nt got money, they were get guns from dealers to get money for the drugs. His lifestyle is'nt normal, because he don't go sleep when it'snormal. It is indifferent when he sleeps and when he wakes up. Also he mentions that he gets a record deal. He loves music and mostly he writes his lyrics in the night, when he has the best ideas. Because of his record deal he has many haters in the ghetto. Most of the people are jealous because thay think that Skinnyman has money, but it isn't the truth. His life is very problematic. He has often problems with the police and other authorities. But it doesn't cares him. He thinks that only his father can tell him what to do, but he left him and his mother early. Also he explains that all his friends went to prison, so he decides to go another way. Nevertheless he have to go to prison for 2 years, but he did 12 months. The reason for that was a conflict with a memeber of London Underground staff. In conclusion he did it and now he wants to held other young kids. So all in all he loves this place, because it's his home. Therefore he doesn't want to leave.

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Kann mir jemand die Bedeutung von Message man (Twenty one Pilots) erklären?

The loser hides behind A mask of my disguise And who I am today Is worse than other times You don't know what I've done I'm wanted and on the run I'm wanted and on the run So I'm taking this moment to live in the future

Release me from the present I'm obsessing, all these questions Why I'm in denial That they tried this suicidal session Please use discretion When you're messing with the message man These lyrics aren't for everyone Only few understand

Hope you're dead 'cause how could you sleep at a time like this? People they rhyme like this, we're all impressed by this They rip it, flip it but these are just triplets Wrote this in three minutes, three words to a line It's just poetry divided, I'm the kind of guy Who takes every moment, he knows he can fight it And music to use it, for others to use it You're dead 'cause how could you sleep at a time like this?

Life is up here but you comment below When the comments will always become common motivation To promote you choose next episode So your brain knows to keep going even though hope Is far from this moment but you would not know it Gets better when morning finally rears its head Together we'll lose this, remember the future Remember that morning is when night is dead

Das wäre so der Text. Das einzelne verstehe ich ja, aber die Bedeutung des Liedes kann ich nicht erkennen. Nur wenige verstehen den wirklichen Text des Liedes - Tyler Joseph, ich bin wohl keine davon.

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YouTube Video wird gesperrt aufgrund der UEFA Urheberrechte...

Folgende Meldung:

"This video contains content from UEFA, who has blocked it on copyright grounds."

Ich habe ein Fußballvideo bei Youtube hochgeladen, welches aber sofort gesperrt wird. Aufgrunddessen habe ich sämtliche UEFA - Symbole (Spiestandanzeige etc) überdeckt.

Viele Videobearbeiter, die sicher nicht die Erlaubnis von der UEFA dafür haben, laden solche Videos hoch und jeder kann sie sehen.

Nun meine Frage.

Was könnte ich falsch machen? Bzw was muss man allgemein dabei beachten?

Schonmal Danke im Voraus.

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