Witzige und romantische Sprüche von One Direction?

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Hey ! Okay,das kommt jetzt wahrscheinlich sehr spät aber hier ein paar Sprüche:

"What´s the cheekiest thing Niall´s ever got away with ?" Harry & Louis: "Everything he does!"

"Food was a big part of the tour for us... we saw a lot of different Nando´s."-Niall

Fan: "If you were a rapper,what would your name be?" Niall: "N Dizzle." Louis: "MC Tommo."

"When I was twelve,all my friends had girlfriends and I didn´t. I felt so lonely, I asked my mum to date me."-Niall

"A short skirt and loads of make up won´t impress me."-Harry

Liam: " I like the fact that our fans have posters of us in their room." Harry: " And I love that they get undressed in front of us!"

" A real directioner isn´t one that has millions of photos of us but it´s one who love us unconditionally."-Harry

"We were walked around the hotel and Harry looked as his watch and suddenly rushed back in.We thought something bad happened.He just wanted to watch Spongebob"-Liam

"The looks or body are not matter to me.All our fans are beautiful."-Harry

Und natürlich: "vas happenin!"-Zayn

Hoffe ich konnte dir trotzdem helfen,vllt. brauchst du sie ja noch ;) Lg

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