Wird das passive hier so oder so gebildet?

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Leider ist dein Aktivsatz schon falsch. Richtig wäre: He explained the situation to us. Passiv wäre: The situation was explained to us (by him)

Beides geht.

Was ist der Unterschied zwischen Causatiive passive und passive?


Was ist der Unterschied und wann verendet man welches Passiv?

• Passiv mit « have/get + objekt+past participle = Causative passive

• Passiv mit « to be + part üarticiple » = The passive ?


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was ist der Unterschied zwischen personal passive und passiv?

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ich lern gerade für meine Englischarbeit & wir haben unteranderem als Thema personal passive und passiv. Was ist den da der Unterschied?? Was wird wann benutzt? Wird es gleich gebildet?

Danke an alle & schöne Woche ;D

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kann man schnell jemand über den englisch text schnell schauen ob der grammatikalisch und allgemein so in Ordnung ist, Danke im vorraus?

When I was in elementary school, there was a shy black boy who got insulted by 3 classmates on the schoolyard. The black boy was 11 years old and had no friends. He was always alone at the schoolyard. Those other three boys were 12 years old and popular in school. Each day, when he came to school he was getting annoyed and was insulted as negro. After a few weeks he started crying and was afraid to go to school, whereupon the teacher came to him and asked what was going on. The boy told him, that he gets bullied and insulted each day. His mother got to know his situation and was completely horrified, whereupon she arranged an appointment with the teacher. Then the teacher invited those three boys into his room and talked to them to stop the insults, otherwise he would contact their parents. He also asked them to do him a favor and apologize for their mistakes. After a while things changed and year later  all of them became friends.

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Wie wird das Gerund Passiv gebildet?

Wir schreiben morgen eine Englischarbeit und wir müssen aus aktiv sätzen mit gerund passiv sätze mit gerund bilden. Kann mir einer aus diesen drei sätzen das passiv mit gerund bilden?

  1. Pop stars like to be admired, they enjoy it.
  2. They called me a liar. I objected to this.
  3. As a child I was taken to the zoo. I remember this.
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Könnt ihr mir bitte sagen, ob dieser englische Tagesbericht gut ist und ob ich Fehler habe?

Like every day my day began in the veterinarian's practise Dr. xxxx at 8. 50 o'clock. First I went to the recreation room where I met the assistants, the doctor and the leader of the practise. After I welcomed everybody, I changed and went forwards to the reception. There I went to my roster and saw that I was assigned, as usual, to the same doctor, but the first appointment was an operation and not a normal treatment, as usual. That‘s why I went in to the operation space where the doctor and the veterinarian's assistants already prepared everything. I helped them, by cleaning the table of treatment, filling in the syringe and putting out the protective clothes and the equipment. Then I went to the doctor and she explained that a sheepdog was already laid in anaesthesia for a surgery. They would operate him now on the eye, because he had an ocular illness. So I went to the back to help the veterinarian's assistants. We lifted the dog on a table of treatment and pushed him in the operation space where we laid him on the operating table. I was allowed to watch during the whole operation. First a part of the eye was cut out. To covert he created hole, the doctor cut off a part of the cornea and laid this about the hole. Finally the doctor sewed up the whole thing. I really found the operation very interesting, because I saw different equipment, and I had never seen an operation before, so it was really new for me. I had no problems with the blood or with the sight of the eye what is of course one of the important conditions for a veterinarian. Then at 11. 00 o'clock we were ready with the quite costly operation of the eye. I bound a ruff around the head of the dog, so that he cannot scratch himself and sore the seam. We lifted the dog again from the operating table on the normal table of treatment. There the dog could wake up from the anesthesia. I had a little bit extra time, while the dog was sleeping, so I cleaned the devices of the operation and welded the equipment. Slowly the dog woke up. Thats why we brought the dog to the doctor's office from before. There were already the animal holders and waited for the dog. We laid the dog on the prepared mats on the ground and went out, so that the dog could wake in rest. So I went again behind to the operation space and cleaned further the devices. Then at 11. 45 o'clock I heard very vague and loudly noises. Because I anyway just finished my work, I went before to the adoption and saw that everybody was totally turned up and tried to bring the sheepdog who had woken up from the anaesthesia under control, because he ran like mad through the space. The owners from him had taken off the ruff, although the doctor explained to them that this collar was necessary. The assistants could hold the dog after 5 minutes, they tried to calm the dog, because he was hurting himself. But then the doctor looked to the dog and noted that he had torn open two seams and so the wound was open. This meant for the doctor

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Participle clauses- mehrere Möglichkeiten?

"When he was warned by his wife, the man was able to flee"

Ich habe drei Möglichkeiten gefunden die sich logisch anhören:

"Warned by his wife, the man was able to flee"


"Being warned by his wife the man was..."

Und wenn der Satz mit der vorzeitigen Vergangenheit gebildet wäre:

"Having been warned by his wife..."

Stimmt das alles?

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