Wieso funktioniert bei mir das Spiel TheEndlessForest nicht?

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Kommentar von Shadia
22.01.2016, 14:10

Tale of Tales

The Endless Forest

Phase Three of an ongoing project
by Auriea Harvey & Michaël Samyn

Version 3.3
November 2009
For more information, please visit http://Tale-of-Tales.com/TheEndlessForest.

The Endless Forest is installed by default in
c:\Program Files\Tale of Tales\The Endless Forest 3

The Endless Forest screensaver as well as its multiplayer service are available free of charge thanks to the support of the Musée d'Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean, Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds and Design Vlaanderen. It is forbidden to make any commercial use of this application or any product derived from it (including screenshots) without prior consent from the authors.
You are free to distribute this application if you don't make any changes to it and if it includes an unaltered version of this readme file. We would, however, appreciate notification if you plan on doing such a thing on a large scale. Please email us: reception@tale-of-tales.com.

Tale of Tales reserves the right to do anything it pleases with this application.
Tale of Tales can not be held responsible for any damage installing or running this application may cause.

All copyrights pertaining The Endless Forest belong to Tale of Tales BVBA, Belgium.

Left click on floor: go there
Left click + drag: move avatar in direction of cursor
Left click on handle (bottom center): show/hide the Action Strip
Left click on Action Strip button: perform action
Right drag: rotate & zoom the camera
Scroll Wheel: zoom

Esc key: Options screen
Up cursor key or W: step forward
Down cursor key or S: walk backwards
Left and right cursor keys or A & D: turn
Up + Down cursor key: walk forward slowly
Up + Shift cursor key: run
P key: save screenshot in C:\Program Files\Tale of Tales\The Endless Forest 3\screenshots (CTRL+P: without interface)
H or SPACE key: hop (when standing still) or jump (when running)

The game can also be controlled with a Joystick. Control instructions are available in the Options screen. You can access the Options screen by clicking the "O" button on the lower left hand side of the screen or by pressing the ESC key. You can exit the screensaver by selecting the "X" button in the lower right hand side of the screen or by choosing Quit from the Options screen.
Click the short bar in the center at the bottom of the screen to make the buttons visible.

The functions keys F1 to F12 can be used for actions. To bind a function key to an action, move your cursor over the corresponding button and press the key. To use the hotkey, make sure your cursor is not over the buttons. You can assign any of the emotion and activities as well as roar and listen to the function keys.

(((( Das Steht da immer drauf ich versteh nicht wieso das spiel nicht kommt..))))<------


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