Wie viele Menschen bauten die Berliner Mauer?

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Operation Rose

But in the mean time, the later GDR leader Erich Honecker was a busy bee. On orders of Walter Ulbricht he was on the telephone all day to manage the situation. 400 trucks had to be moved to get all the barbed wire and other material ready to close of the Berlin border, without being noticed by the West. Operation ‘Rose’ was operating at full speed. On the 12th of August 3150 soldiers of the 8th Motorized Artillery Division went to Berlin. They installed their 100 battle tanks and personnel at Friedrichsfelde, just outside Mitte – the historic center of East Berlin. 4200 men of the 1st Motorized Division and 140 tanks left Potsdam to cover the area of the outer ring around West Berlin. 10.000 men of all units of the East Berlin People’s Police were also waiting for orders. They were ready to seal of all the pedestrian and vehicle routes to West Berlin. When Berlin was asleep, all this happened in total secrecy. At dawn on the 13th of August, 1961 all the borders were closed off and Honecker went home. Tired, but satisfied. East Berlin was sealed off. http://www.placetobe.info/berlinwall/whywastheberlinwallbuild/


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Wenn du im Internet keine genaue Zahl bekommst, dann waren es auf jeden Fall viele die da mitgebaut haben.

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