Wie lerne ich am besten und schnellsten Englisch, ohne irgendwelche Kurse zu besuchen?

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Ich würde dir empfehlen auditiv zu lernen.

Also gucke dir Filme an, höre englische Podcasts usw.

Ergänzend dazu kann ich dir Jickilearning empfehlen. Das ist ein Audiokurs mit dem du sehr schnell Vokabeln lernen kannst und dich dabei auch noch entspannst.

Viel Erfolg!

Ich kann zu dem Thea sehr das Buch „Fließend in drei Monaten: Wie Sie in kürzester Zeit jede Sprache erlernen“

Hier: wwww.schnell-sprachen-lernen.de/das_buch/

Das hat mir sehr gut geholfen. Ich kann es total empfehlen für alle das nicht unbedingt viel Geld für Babbel und Co. ausgeben möchten. Das Buch hat ganz neue Ansätze


Das Buch ist gut, danke dir.


The best way, of course, is by listening to Luke's  English Podcast. 

This podcast has won the award "Best Blog about the English Language" in 2011, in 2012, in 2013 and in 2014. I am proud that I also voted for it. The podcast has had 3 million listeners in just over a year. There are episodes:

1) in which Luke explains grammar;

2) in which Luke explains vocabulary, such as idiomatic expressions, phrasal verbs, slang or vocabulary for specific subjects;

3) in which Luke just talks about different subjects in some depth, for example the ones about British politics, culture shock, Britishness, royal family, British culture and lifestyle;

4) in with Luke teaches pronunciation and intonation;

5) in which Luke interviews friends, family or other interesting people and they just chat about anything;

6) in which Luke tells a completely improvised story;

7) in which Luke tells us his traveling experiences, like "Sick in Japan" or "Traveling in Indonesia";

8) in which Luke plays us some comedy and then explains it all so we can understand it properly;

9) in which Luke talks about films, like the "Luke's Film Club" series;

10) in which Luke and his friends do role plays, like "The Bad Haircut Situation";

11) in which Luke talks about language learning, gives lots of advice and suggestions for improving English and talks about exams such as IELTS, he talks about memory, mnemonics etc.

12) in which Luke responds to questions and comments from listeners;

13) in which listeners can speak on the podcast;

14) with videos and / or complete transcripts;

15) with a lot of jokes, quizzes, music and competitions.

I like everything!

Luke is a teacher from London, living in Paris, with about 14 years of experience and both a CELTA and DELTA qualification. He has lived in Japan too, but now he teaches at The British Council and at a top university in Paris. He has taken a course in podcasting and his podcasts are never boring because he is also a stand-up comedian, and he does use those skills in his episodes too. From time to time he shares some videos of his comedy on his website.

He puts heart, soul, time, energy, humour, money and love into making his podcast. You should definitely listen to Luke's podcast because there are more than 320 episodes now and they are about an hour long. It's better for learners if they listen for an extended period. What are you waiting for? Go to Luke’s ENGLISH Podcast

Happy listening and learning!

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