Wie kann man mit false friends korrekt umgehen?

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Nach meinen Recherchen wird auch für das sensorische Fühlen im Englischen "to feel" verwendet.

Ich fühle deine Hand. => I feel your hand.


Ja, klar, aber ich meine die Frage.


How do you feel?

Ist eben zweideutig. Die einzelne Bedeutung muss aus der Situation hervorgehen.

Fruit flies like bananas =>

1) Fruchtfliegen lieben Bananen 2) Früchte fliegen wie Banenan. :-))


Die Vokabeln richtig lernen?


Das war nicht die Frage.


Englisch Texte

Könntet ihr vielleicht meinen selbstgeschriebenen Text durchgucken und mir vielleicht noch Verbesserungsvorschläge geben? :)


Boys bully more than girls. The Boys bully on the physical forms of bullying and the girls tend to bully on indirect ways, for example gossing or excluding. Boys , who bully are physically stronger and have a need to dominate others. Girls who bully tend to be physically weaker than other girls in their class. The Bullies tend to be hyperactive, disruptive, impulsice and active. They came often from "bad" homes. Both boys and girls who are bullied feel sadness and lose interest in activities. What the bullys do: For ecample they taking thigs from you away, stealing your money or taking your friends away from you. If you are bullied , you can tell it your friends, teachers and parents. The best idea is if a teacher can catch the bullies rehanded.


Cyberbullying is a form of bullying, which is happen about the internet. (The bullys make for example fake-profiles or write vicious forum posts.) An example of cberbullying is, when you share a photo from you and the cyberbullies write vicious comments under your photo. What can be done about cyberbullying? The best thing you can do is to ignore the bullying and get help from parents and teachers.

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Kann jemand diesen englischen Comment Korrektur lesen?

A comment on the topic “Abortion”

A contentious issue: ABORTION. Nowadays more and more women have an abortion. But whether this interference with nature really is lawfully remains doubtful and will be discussed now.

Proponents of abortion say the argument that the woman has the right to decide about her body and thus about her pregnancy or an abortion. So no one has to care about her decision. This is true, but in the womb the embryo is already a living being and therefore the embryo is an individual and has a right to life.

In addition, the argument is repeatedly mentioned that the pregnancy was unwanted, the mothers are to young or have no partner. But I think this is the worst argument at all. There are umpteen ways to prevent a pregnancy. But if you were maybe too stupid or too lazy to preventing, it is you own fault. In such cases, there are still help sites for mothers or the option to release the child for adoption.

Moreover, an abortion is murder. Abortions dine by some medications or methods like scrape or vacuum. Many people say that the embryo does not feel any pain during abortions, but this is also false. Embryos already have a heartbeat or a nervous system in the third week of pregnancy, so they can feel pain.

All in one, I believe that an abortion is not morally justifiable. Nevertheless, there should be exceptions like if the pregnancy resulted from rape or the pregnancy constitutes a danger to the woman. When you have an abortion you kill your own flesh and blood. This action can’t be reversed, and I am sure that every woman who decides to have an abortion will get mental problems. At the end, the woman has to decide with the father about an abortion, because in Germany an abortion is allowed up to the 3rd month. So I’m against a abortion – there are too many ways to get not into such a situation. If you get into such a situation, you have to cope with the consequences.

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was bedeutet to manage?

Ich verstehe die Sätze, doch was to manage genau übersetzt bedeutet fällt mir nicht ein. Weiß jemand eine gute Erklärung dafür?

But the police did not manage to discover anything.

she called a carriage and got in, I managed to get another and so to follow hers.

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Englisch Oberstufe: summary über "keeping In Touch"

Ist meine summary so korrekt und gut? The Article keeping in Touch written by James Smith and published in Year 2014, deals with the most important aspects of keeping in touch. Today You can't more think away of the technology and the Internet. We use it everyday for business and of course for talking together to keep in touch with your friends and families. So with your smartphone you can Talk with your Friends and naturally write text messagers like whatsapp whenever and whereever you are. This ist a great think and its to easy but also fast. Overall we can day that the Internet has gone portable. Anyway you can communicate with your friends via Social Networks Sites and can send or Share photos,messages and of course if you want Gombe closer you can do Phone falls like Face to Face. Finale with Smartphones,tablets and the Social Media Networking Sites you can alyways keep in Touch with your Friends.

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Englisch, wann benutzt man to be supposed to, wann to be expected to?

Ich weiß, dass suppos annehmen/denken und expect erwarten/rechnen bedeutet, aber wann benutzt man was??

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Englisch Referat: Kann sich jemand den Text zur Kontrolle durch lesen?

Also hallo erstmal!

ICh halte bald eine Buchvorstellung in Englisch und wollte fragen ob sich jemand vielleicht mal mein Text durchlesen kann. Wäre echt nett!

hier ist der text:

The Story Looking for Alaska tells about a boy, called Miles Halter. At the very beginning of the book Miles lives with his parents in Florida where he also goes to school. At school he’s an outsider and doesn’t really have friends, so he spends most of the time reading biographies of famous people remembering their last words. Miles reads a book about François Rabelais whose last words were: I go to seek a Great Perhaps. Miles doesn’t want to wait until he dies to start seeking a Great Perhaps so he decides to leave his old school and go to Culver Creek, an Alabama boarding school, where his dad went to when he was young. At Culver Creek, Miles meets his roommate Chip, nicknamed ‘the Colonel’, and Alaska Young, a beautiful, rebellious girl Miles is immediately attracted to. As Miles is so skinny Chip decides to call him ‘Pudge’. Miles also meets Takumi, a Japanese boy. Chip, Takumi and Alaska become Miles new friend as they accept him the way he is. At Culver Creek there is a kind of a war between the so called Weekday Warriors, the children of wealthy families who return home every weekend, and those who actually live at school. They all play pranks on each other pretty often, but more about that later. On the first school day Miles get to know Dr Hyde, the teacher for World Religions, and Miles immediately likes him. In the afternoon Alaska, Chip and Takumi show Miles the ‘Smoking Hole’. The ‘Smoking Hole’ is a safe place to smoke without being caught. It’s obvious that Miles likes Culver Creek, because he has got new friends. The days go by without much happening. But then one day Alaska tells Miles that she has found a girlfriend for him, so she plans a triple date with her and her boyfriend Jake, Chip and his girlfriend Sara, and Miles and Lara. Lara is from Romania and really nice. The date isn’t as successful as they hoped it would be, because while watching a basketball game at the gym, Miles is hit by a ball. He has a concussion, vomits on Lara’s jeans and is then taken to a hospital. But also for Chip it doesn’t go well because at the end of the triple date Sara breaks up with him. The days after the date are really weird. Alaska is never around and doesn’t talk to anybody. Miles notices that Alaska is a really moody girl, one second she’s nice and flirty and in the next one she freaks out without even having a real reason. In the morning, Dr Hyde gives the students the question for their final exam: What is the most important question human beings must answer? A few days before Thanksgiving Alaska wakes Miles up early to persuade him to stay at school with her over Thanksgiving. Miles first isn’t sure but then calls his parents telling them he has to study for exams, which is a lie. Alaska and Miles are nearly the only students staying at Culver Creek o

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