Wie kann man Freunden in GTA V Online 1.34, Geld "geben", das man von den neuen Organisationsaufträge bekommt?

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gar nicht. Die bekommen alle 10 oder 15 Minuten bis zu 10.000 Dollar.

Da du das Risiko trägst bekommst du auch alles :p

ihr könnt euch ja immer also CEO abwechseln

aber dann müssen sie sich ja auch eine büro und lagerhaus kaufen, oder


ja genau richtig ooooder du liest dir das hier einmal durch :)

"So everyone have been complaining that there is no way to pay your associates and thus they have no reason to help you, well I found the way to do that.

See when you finish your crate mission and you have a 5 minute wait time ? Instead of waiting for the 5 minutes to end you could start a VIP mission, Asset Recovery and Sightseer are the fastest and give 22k each.

So let's say you spend 6 hours with your associates filling up your warehouse at 3 crates per mission, you get as a CEO 2.2M minus investments, that's 1.534.000$. Now every crate mission takes about 5 minutes to do, after those 5 minutes we add 5 more minutes of VIP missions, that's 10 minutes total to finish 1 crate mission and 1 VIP mission.

With little maths, you can figure out that at the end of the 6 hours, your associates will get about 800k plus the VIP associates money bonus that they get every 10 minutes, which might easily put them at 1M each.

The best thing about this is that you as a CEO get the money for the warehouse selling plus the money for the VIP missions, that will put you at 2.3M at the end of the 6 hours.

With this method, everyone is earning and since the CEO is the guy who invested millions in the office and the warehouse and the crates, that's logical that he gets more than his associates"


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