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du kannst schon mal damit anfangen, today i want to tell something about healthy eating, at first i want to explain you the...ich würde aber zuerst den text in deutsch verfassen und danach in englisch satz für satz übersetzen.

drawBerry14 02.05.2011, 20:43

danke aber unsere Lehrerin hat uns geraten NICHT immer Deutsch zu denken und versuchen spontan auch Englisch schrieben zu können, ich glaube so wäre es besser.


These are only approximate (or average) figures, as they depend on the genetic endowments, the general health condition and the lifestyle of each individual person.

Wenn Du "gesundes Essen" meinst, dann heißt das wohl eher "healthy FOOD"(oder "healthy living"). Dein Satz könnte so lauten:

But these figures are not scientifically accurate. They are different with every individual, and everything depends on how somebody lives(.. on what kind of life somebody lives; ... on individual eating habits).

those numbers are not 100% accurate, it´s different for every person, as it depends on how you live... so ungefähr.

drawBerry14 02.05.2011, 20:43

danke, das hört sich schon gut an :))


mh also so ginge es glaub ich:

-thats a pyramid where you can see how many things the people eat and which things they are and how healthy they are (kommt drauf an was da drin steht) 

-but thats in general how many things people eat, every person eats other food and so just you can say: every person is different and has got a different diet(ernährung). it depends on wether the person does a lot of sport or wether the person eats just fast food or something other. every person lives different and so you cannot say that that is a pyramid for everyone.


this is the pyramid of eating the water and oder drinks with no fat then cames the fruits the nuts the meat and fishs and the top is the candy stuff (bei der reihenfolge bin ich mir nich mehr sicher) how and what we eat is diferent from man to man any can eat more candy and oder must eat more fruits then evrey man is diferent and life diferent



das köntest du sagen

it depends on the way of life of the people. for example: some people, who do sports need more food. others, who are sitting in front of the computer the whole day or are coach potatoes doesnt need so much food. so this food pyramide is just a non committal recommendation.

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