Wie heißt nur dieses tolle, starke Lied und welche Sängerin singt es?

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Naja fast ;) Imamy - Don't be so shy

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Hallo:) Also ich schreibe in meiner Freizeit gerne Texte/Gedichte/Geschichten und ich will eins davon präsentieren, in einer Gruppe mit anderen Leuten, die gerne schreiben, aber in England. Also ist der Text auf Englisch und wollte nur wissen wie ihr den Text so findet, das Thema ist "Hurtful Emotional"

Würde mich über jede Meinung freuen, und auch Verbesserungsvorschläge und Kritik:)

i have never been in love.

never have i experienced some kind of affection of another, admiring me.

i would like to think i'm okay with that.

i don't need that person, i'm okay alone

but then after some time i do crave for companionship. a special kind of love from somebody 'cause maybe then i'd be happier. maybe then i wouldn't feel this lonely.

so i seek for every oppurtinity. meaning i see all the good in every person, ignoring even their worst traits because i'm slowly getting desperate.i

start getting wrong ideas, letting my hopes go high, for them only to be crushed once again

i fall in love with someone too easily and too fast, because i'm broken, meaning all the love and affection pours out of me without even really wanting it to and it makes me want to give all my attention to all kinds of people, including wrong ones.

nothing ever happens. my imaginations and wishes are hopeless and they start fading away. people telling me "the right one will come" makes me want to cry because i have no faith in that anymore. how can the right person come, when i keep thinking it's nearly every person i see on the streets. how can i know the right person will come, when i keep running off to all the wrong places. i allow myself to be used, i let people take advantage of me thinking they love me..because all the people i have "loved" abandoned me. they lost interest and left, so i have the idea the right one doesn't exist. my desperation took over my patience and i'm lost. I can't anymore and give up

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Wie heißt das Lied? Take me away?

Als am Anfang singt da jemand ganz schnell was auf englisch und ich versteh immer nur das letzte wort von den Versen "Sunshine" und im Refrain singt eine halt langgezogen: Take me awaaaaaay.....

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Wie heisst das (Techno?) Lied aus den 90-rn? Ich weiss nur noch, dass eine Frau im Refrain singt: Take me, Take me, Take me Take me away baby baby...?

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Was heißt dieser Songtext auf Deutsch? (Englisch)

Unexpected phenomenon, seems like you turned into an invisible man Catch on to all these years Not this, not that, tell us your speculation on the cause Just one memory was bad already, wasn't it? And nothing can be done, nothing can be done, the defence instinct is too strong Leave behind your awkward morals Those things, these things are evil deep-rooted delusions in a vivid shape

I didn't want to hear all that gossip Or have that kiss scene etched into my mind Reset brings another conversation Ah, my head hurts so much!

All the hate, the hate, the hate is on me Do you see? Runpappa That indifference you feign with this face Leaning on a tilted surface is only wished for Optimistic, optimistic, pessimistic, optimistic, pessimistic, optimistic view But I'm still invisible Not being seen by eyes is wrong Leave behind the doubtful words With no meaning at all

Disorder and contact, conductor, show me the way Selkirk barrier's sophisticated situation Not this, not that, this thing, that thing, that's too much Complaining is exclusive to emotions Seems like my one-way traffic friend is at point-blank Extremely dangerous nightlife Of the world's best harmlessness, and yet in arrogant rubbish is where he got used to live

Here I don't even exist Nobody seems to notice me at all From the start the unexistant way Was at least reasonable!

All the hate, the hate, the hate is on me Do you remember? Runpappa That indifference you feign with this face You won't give up your pleasant life, right? Optimistic, optimistic, pessimistic, optimistic, pessimistic, optimistic view But I'm still invisible Biting nails is wrong Now stop it before It's too late

Before the peaceful death Hoarse old father smiled Is that, is that the truth? Because the lonely don't smile

All the hate, the hate, the hate is on me Break it all, runpappa The ungettable joke Secretly insulting thank you

All the hate, the hate, the hate is on me Please don't forget me I'm sorry, and yet it's fine to let me sit on the edge At the intersection in the centre of the crowd rushes the salaryman He is about to pass me right now He certainly wanted to avoid me Right now I'm here

Bitte kein Google Übersetzer! Bein dem habe ich schon geschaut! Auch bei vielen anderen Übersetzer-Seiten, aber i-wie kommt nie was anständiges raus... :(

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