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Yeke Yeke 2011 (Robbie Rivera Remix) Mory Kate Vs. Loverush UK!

Bitte :)

Yeke Yeke [2011 Remix Edit]

wow... very quickly... thank you mates!

ps. i`m outlander and i´m currently in Germany... today i have watched for a while on the tv X-Diaries and i just wanted to know the name of that song... i think i like it.

ps. 2 I don´t speak German... just using Google translate...

Lugoz 06.09.2012, 23:38

Try to learn german :D

fubu05 06.09.2012, 23:49

well, i speak a lil´ bit but it is not enough to make one regular conversation...


Yeke Yeke 2011 von Mory Kante

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