Wie heißt dieses englische Kinderlied?

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Eric Idle: Das Piratenlied

Robert Louis Stevensons Roman „Die Schatzinsel“

Wie kann man das gut übersetzen Emglisch?

"If you bring a person that is starving to death into a diner and give him the choice between a plate of human flesh and a plate of chicken, he would be better of eating the human flesh. Digestion involves breaking down the protein and the substances within the food. If that food is already very close to your own body it eases the process of digestion and gives you the required nutrients"

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Erörterung Schuluniform Englisch

Hallo ich präsentiere euch jetzt meine Erörterung, ich wollte euch fragen ob ihr es dann beurteilen könnt ob der Inhalt gut ist und ob ich viele Grammatikalische Fehler habe oder sprachliche Fehler und dann am ende mir eine Note nennt zwischen 1-6 wäre klasse von euch

Should schooluniform be introduced in every school?

In the following text I will list several arguments for and against schooluniform. The thesis to this topic is that schooluniform has lots of disadvantages.The first argument to this antithesis is that it is unhygiencally because you cant wash they not every day. An example you have not so many uniforms at home and you cant not wash them because they would not be dry for the next day. The second argument is that the free development of the pupils is limited. For example they would not be trust what they would dress because they think than it is emberrassing . The last argument to this antithesis is that schooluniform can also lead to competetion and conflicts between different schools. For example a pupil they visited a another school and went from pupils from different school past and they check it that he are from a different school because the schooluniform discern from another school uniformsand then can also lead to a competetion and conflicts.

Of the other hand they are a lot of advantages for schooluniforms. The first argument to this thesis is that they cant readable ther finacial situation. For example if there was none schooluniform than would can be readable ther financial situation because they would not be achieve bran name clothes. A antoher argument is that it would be saves time in the morning . An example the pupil didnt know what he would be dress and than can it to came that he came late to school . The last argument they are for me very strong is that nobody became bulling by clothes.. An example a poor pupil cant not achieve brand name clothes or his clothes are very old and have a lot of holes and therefore they cant be bullied for clothes.

After listing all the arguments for and against schooluniform think I not every school not to lead schooluniform in schools because for me it is important that you can deside what you will dress.The reason ist that then became th self confidence stronger.

Das ist meine Erörterung gerne Verbesserungsvorschläge z.B wenn ich was nicht gut formuliert habe mich verbessern damit ich das beim nächsten mal besser mache :)

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Englisch Aufsatz über Globalisierung

Ich muss ein Aufsatz in Englisch über Globalisierung schreiben könnte mir jemand feedback geben:

    Position on the effect of Globalization on Sustainable Prosperity

The world would be better off, if countries would not be connected and instead function independently. That is what some people are saying about the eventually hindering or promoting effect of globalization on the overall financial well-being of the humans. Some people believe, that first world countries are losing workplace which is now placed in third world countries. Others believe, that the local stores in 3rd world countries cannot sell enough, because of first world corporations. I, however, believe that globalization promotes the financial well being of the people because of additional educational opportunities, medical knowledge sharing and workplace creation in third world countries.

Globalization supports educational opportunities. Canada had in 2013 290,000 students from around the world which is only possible because of globalization. International students can learn how to manage their live and how to handle their own money. Researches from the government-backed Money Advice Service have shown, that its good to let childrens and students handle their own money. Without globalization it would be not possible to stay for one or more years in another country. 

Without globalization the medical knowledge would be developing in every country locally. But because of globalization new medical achievement, research and more cost efficient way of healing can get shared. In 2011 medics without borders teached in Libya how to manage trauma surgery better. Without globalization the medical knowledge state of the world would be way less advanced than it now is.

Globalization also promotes the amount of more advanced Jobs in 3rd world countries.  Big companies out of different categories have their own or others fabrics in those countries and create so a massive amount of workspace. In 2013 Foxconn had 1.232.000 Employees that produced products for  companies like Apple, Dell, HP, Microsoft and many more. Without those big 1st World Countries over one Million People would have no or a worst payed Job.

In conclusion globalization has some disadvantages, but without additional educational opportunities, medical knowledge sharing and the creation of Workspace in 3rd world countries. The Financial well being of the people from the world would be worse than it is now. 

Danke schonmal im vorraus Lorenz

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Eglischer Song, Titelname?

Hallo, ich suche seit geraumer Zeit ein Lied, das Englisch ist und dessen Style ein bisschen an Phil Collins oder evtl. Robbie Williams erinnert.

Da Video zeigt eine Liebesgeschichte die von klein auf Anfängt und die reicht bis die beiden sehr hohes Alter erreichten.

Das Video ist sehr farbenfroh und der Refrain des Liedes erinnert ein bisschen an die alter Disney Filme wie König der Löwen oder Tarzan...

Danke im Voraus


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Kann ich diese Zusammenfassung zum Buch The bottle Imp so lassen?

Hallo, ich weiß nicht, ob ich diese Zusammenfassung so stehen lassen kann! Es wäre nett, wenn ihr vielleicht mal schauen könntet, ob ich irgendwie Zeitfehler oder ähnliches drin habe .

summaryKeawe an Hawaiian, decided to go to San Francisco. There he noticed one beautiful house and stopped at it .Then the owner of the home came to him. Keawe said to the owner that he would like to have so a house, too. And so the owner meant, that he could have a house for 50 dollars when he bought a bottle with an Imp which fulfilled all his wishes . So Keawe bought this bottle. The owner of this bottle musn´t be in possession of it when he dies or his sole will burn in hell . It must sell cheaper than the owner has paid before. Keawe went to his friend Lopaka, and told him all what had done and everything about the bottle. Then they went together back to Hawaii. Upon arriving home Keawe discovered that his uncle had died and that he had left him a beautiful land at Hookena and exactly enough money to build the home of his dreams. Then Lopaka bought the bottle because keawe didn´t want this bottle anymore. Keawe accepted the good fortune and began living a life of contentment with a house of his dreams . Until he saw a beautiful woman names, Kokua. They wanted to marry. Then the rich Hawaiian went home and saw, that he had Chinese evil. He realized, that he couldn´t marry Kokua in this condition, so he decided that he had to find the magic bottle and must buy it back. Only doing this he become healthy and could marry his love. When he was back in San Francisco a white man had this bottle. But Keawe realized , that the price had dropped dramatically. The owner had paid two cents. Keawe decided that he will marry Kokua and so he bought the bottle for one cent. He wished that he is healthy. Now the Chinese evil was healded, but he always thought at this, that he can´t sell the bottle cheaper an that he must go to hell when he die. Then Keawe married Kokua. He told Kokua all from the beginning and said that he can´t sell the bottle cheaper then one cent. Then Kokua said that they had to go to a country where a penny is not the lowest coin. They went to an Island of France and sold the bottle for four centimes there. Then Kokua bought the bottle from her man with the help of an old man. She told the old man the whole story and that she will buy it back from him after he had bought it. The man bought it for four centime and she bought it for three back. Keawe discovered this and convinces another man to buy it for two centime with the promise, that Keawe will buy it back from him for one centime. The man who shall bought it for Keawe is a greedy and wicked man and as he had the bottle he wouldn´t sell it to Keawe. The wicked man didn´t care that he went to hell, because with this bottle he could wish himself everything he wanted. Now Keawe and Kokua are free and nobody of them must go to hell when he dies.

danke im vorraus lg

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Welches englische Lied kann ich nehmen?

Hallo, also ich muss für die Einschulung der 5. Klassen ein Lied singen. Nur ich habe ein kleines Problem:Ich weiß nicht welches Lied ich nehmen soll. Es soll ein Lied sein, welches im Radio läuft und jeder kennt. Am besten wäre es, wenn es ein englisches Lied wäre. Ich wäre euch echt dankbar wenn ihr mir ein paar Lieder Vorschläge gibt.

Danke schon mal im voraus (:

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