Wie gefällt euch dieser Songtext?

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Ich spreche fließend Englisch. Und ich muss ehrlich zugeben: Ich hab keinen Plan, was du damit eigentlich ausdrücken willst. Für mich klingt das nach ein paar aneinander geklatschten Phrasen. Vielleicht fehlt mir da auch einfach nur der Zugang zu, immerhin ist das bei deutschen Liedtexten, die in diesem Style geschrieben sind, genau so.

Kommt meiner Meinung nach auf die Melodie an. Als Gedicht überzeugt es mich rein rhythmisch nicht, aber der Inhalt ist wahr und schön.

Ich finde es sehr langweilig.

Englische Guided Writing

Dear Tim, thank you for your last letter, about which I was very happy. In your letter I have read, that you had a lot of fun with your friends in the last week. But you are not the only one who had fun, because my family and I are spending two weeks in the interesting Sunshine State Florida. It is located in the southeast of the USA between the gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic. Our hotel is in the famous city Orlando and is called Super 8 Orlando International Drive. Every day I lie on the beach and drink orange juice, because in a year Florida produced 3,600 million liters of orange juice. The weather is fantastic, the sun shines every day. Last week we were in Disneyland. It was very exciting, I have met Donald Duck and the famous Mickey Mouse. At most I was interested in the third theme park of Disneyland, the Disney´s Hollywood Studios, which theme is film and television. There I have made the only one attraction on the Hollywood Boulevard, the twenty-two minutes Great Movie Ride. The Great Movie Ride shows classic Hollywood Moments. Tomorrow we will visit the trendiest place on earth, the Ocean drive in Miami Beach. Models are sometimes photographed in front of these wonderful buildings. All the time I am very happy to be here, the only one boring thing was the flight to Florida, because everyone of my family was sleeping all the time. I am looking forward to seeing you soon. Yours sincerely from Florida

Diesen Brief hab ich geschrieben, will nur wissen, ob der grammatikalisch richtig ist oder ob noch was zu ändern ist.

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Kann mir bitte jemand diesen Refrain von Majoe kein Abschied übersetzen?

Übersetzung des Refrains gesucht!!

It was impossible to say Goodbye
And now I'm feeling so paralyzed
And every minute that you're not by my side
Feels empty every time
It was impossible to say Goodbye
I wanna let it fly
High up to the sky
I see you every time

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Ist mein Englisch Referat gut so?

ich soll ein Englisch Referat über meinen Urlaub machen das muss 5 min gehen, könnt ihr es euch mal druchlesen?

My holiday in Italy

Seven years ago, making my family and I vacation in Italy. Together with other families we traveled by bus to Italy. After driving 18 hours and 2 breaks, we arrived at our hotel. The name of the hotel is Mauritius. The hotel is located directly on mauritius-known area of Rimini and nearby is San marino. When we moved into our room and the balcony beautiful pictures made, we first ran into the area around already know something. The next day, after breakfast we went to the beach, we were there every day because we had only a short way there. Once I even saw on the beach a little cancer. Sometimes there was also market by the beach. In Italy I have seen and experienced a lot and we had beautiful weather every day. My family and I were the evening, often on the road, because there will be not so warm. We were at a dolphin Shwow, we were once in a large market, which also was quite busy. There were also from time to evening events at the hotel who were really great, even the food in the hotel were very good. On the day of departure it was all still a pizza, then it was already back home. All in all a great holiday but I would never go on holiday there, because somehow it is my country not so, like in Germany, I am still the best.

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