What does "Die Wahl des Gegenmittels bleibt jedem Menschen selbst überlassen" mean?

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Die Wahl                           bleibt      jedem Menschen selbst      überlassen.

           des Gegenmittels

Subj.       Genitivattribut      Präd.1 (Kopula)    Adverbiale   Präd.2 (-nomen)

We've got almost all of our little constituents here. Firstly, there's our subject die Wahl with an attributive genitive des Gegenmittels. 

The predicate is split into two: the copula bleiben and the actual predicate, the adjective überlassen. It's the same pattern with He is cool ›Er ist cool‹. Is is the copula and cool the Prädikatsnomen. Or even better with He stays cool ›Er bleibt cool‹.

And there's an adverbial phrase in dative, too: jedem Menschen selbst.

In bad English, but true to the original:

The choice of the counteragent is up to every human himself.

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Everyone has the right to choose a proper counteragent.

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Kommentar von augsburgchris
18.07.2016, 19:23

Bleibt jmd. selbst überlassen. It's in the responsibility of s.o. for his/herself.

Kommentar von Anzjjs
18.07.2016, 19:38

Vielen Dank!! :)))


Are you from england? What do you mean with analsye? What should i do with this sentence? Subject and object, pronouns and so on?

Sorry for my bad english (when you are from england :D)

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Kommentar von adabei
18.07.2016, 19:25

Ich denke er/sie wollte nur erklärt haben, was "überlassen bleiben" in diesem Satz bedeutet.


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