Wer kennt coole/lustige/tolle englische(!) Sprüche?


Liebe/r goldilock,

bitte beachte, dass gutefrage.net eine Ratgeberseite ist auf der praktische Tipps und Erfahrungen ausgetauscht werden. Leider fragst Du aber nicht nach einem Rat.

Lieben Gruß.

Christian vom gutefrage.net-Support

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It's funny how girls run from the guys who try to make them happy and fight for the ones who make them cry.

we're far from home, it's for the better. what we dream, it's all that matters

sometimes it's best to hide "the real you" away

but nothing you say is gonna change us

nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard

i haven't got a life

it's time to ask questions

listen here, because it's who we are

i'm like a shooting star, i've come so far and i can't go back to where i used to be

i try to see but i'm blinded by the white light

when it rains on you, when it's cold in the night and you don't seem to find a way out

verything is wrong, it rains when you're here and it rains when you're gone

every teardrop is a waterfall

this time last year everything was so different

me against the world

but you don't understand

simple plan - perfect welcome to my life

i failed

my shadow's the only one that walks beside me, my shallow heart's the only thing that's beating

whenever we leave the ground and take to the sky, i'll smile as i'm gazing down 'cause i've always wondered why we won't need feathers to fly

i don't wanna leave but i must keep moving ahead 'cause my life belongs to the other side behind the great ocean's waves

i miss that town, i miss the faces, you can't erase, you can't replace it, i miss it now, i can't believe it so hard to stay, too hard to leave it

never looking back at what we've done, we'll say it was love 'cause i would die for you on skyway avenue

my mama told me when i was young we're all born superstars

sooner or later your gonna hate it, go ahead and throw your life away

because maybe you're gonna be the one who saves me

you and i, we live and die , the world's still spinning round we don't know why

if i could turn back time i'll go wherever you will go

what if i meet you

How easily we fall in love, you walk to me, you talk to me, then suddenly you go again, i'm losing you

stop crying your heart out

when it all falls down

i try to hold onto a time when nothing mattered and i can't explain what happened

this time last year everything was so different

Jesus can walk on water,humans are 74% water,i can walk on humans, therefore i am 75% jesus!

Neene, das geht so ..

I was sleeping very well in my quitshing Bettgestell.. And in the middle of the Nacht, there is my Gestell together gekracht. I wish you that das nie passiert and that my English better wird. :)

=D ,^^

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