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It kills. It is not just wanting to do an exam the best you can. It is constant fear of doing something wrong, not giving your last atoms of energy dedicated for every detail to be well planned and made, the not acceptance of average and well. It is either the best, or (it is) shame to be seen.

Body dismorphic discorder.

It is not telling yourself you could look better in those skinny jeans. It is a completely disordered way to see yourself. Always putting down for the images your head shows you and convinces you that that is the true you. It is never seeing your true values. Feeding a never satisfied demon in your mind.

Eating disorders.

It is not wanting to lose your weight for a date. It is an attempt to accept yourself by destroying yourself. It is battling between every breathe you take. Of what you did wrong to Look and act the way you do. where everything becomes Strange and scary.  Where you can not trust anyone because you think everyone is trying to do something against you. Everything is spinning around food, intakes, calculations, tricks, pain and suffering. Demons are real, they are everywhere.


It is not accepting you failed. It is accepting yourself with every flaw, imperfection, insecurity. Accepting yourself the way you are. Saying "i am aware of my flaws. But thats me. And i will not change for you to like me. I wont change for everyone. I am just good the way i am.

Wie earnest schon geschrieben hat, gibt es ein paar Fehlerchen. Was sofort ins Auge sticht, habe ich fett markiert. Die eine oder andere Formulierung würde ich ändern, aber sei's drum.

Live your imperfections and love the way you are


AstridDerPu 30.08.2015, 20:16

Schön, dass dir meine Antwort gefallen hat und danke für das Sternchen!




Es gibt ein paar (meist kleinere) Fehler. Angesichts Deines interessanten Texts und der darin enthaltenen Botschaft (z.B. "imperfection is OK" - sinngemäß) solltest Du zu diesen kleinen imperfections stehen.

Freundliche Grüße! 


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