Welche Kosten treten bei einen Kauf nach Amerika auf und wie hoch sind diese?

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Da hat er recht, um den Zoll muss sich der Käufer kümmern

Bei der Einfuhr von entgeltlichen Postsendungen verhält es sich grundsätzlich wie folgt:

- Postsendungen bis zu einem W a r e n w e r t von 22,00 Euro sind einfuhrabgabenfrei.

- Für Postsendungen mit einem Warenwert über 22,00 Euro müssen Sie 19,0 % Einfuhrumsatzsteuer (= dt. MwSt) zahlen.

- Übersteigt der Warenwert 150,00 Euro müssen Sie zusätzlich zu den 19,0 % Einfuhrumsatzsteuer noch Zoll zahlen.

Es werden vom Warenwert keine "Freibeträge" abgezogen. Bei der Anwendung der o.g. Wertgrenzen kommt es n i c h t darauf an, ob die Waren gewerblich oder zu privaten Zwecken verwendet werden.

Deine Fragestellung irritiert - es muss heißen "aus Amerika" - nicht "nach"


Größe und Zoll bei Topshop?

Also ich habe vor, mir mal was bei Topshop zu bestellen. Da das ja UK ist, haben die ja andere Größen. Ich trage immer so 34/36. Soll ich mir die Klamotten dann in 6 oder 8 bestellen? Fallen die eher klein oder Groß aus? Und dann noch eine Frage : Wie ist das jetzt mit dem Zoll und so ? auf der Internetseite steht :

All orders are shipped from the UK. Any import duties and taxes are charged once the parcel has reached the destination country and these charges must be paid by the recipient of the parcel. Unfortunately, we have no control over these charges as customs policies vary from country to country. If you have any questions related to customs charges you are advised to contact your local customs office.

Ist das dann SEHR teuer? Wie war das denn bei euch? Wäre nett, wenn ihr mir helfen könntet :-)

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Ist es nur eine Abzocke?

Ich habe eine super schöne, voll möblierte Wohnung gefunden zu einem mehr als hammermäßigen Preis. Das hat anfangs etwas irritiert, aber ich habe den Vermieter kontaktiert. 2 Tage später bekam ich eine Antwort, die mich etwas stutzig gemacht hat, bezüglich des Deutsches. Es klang so als wäre es mit einem schlechten Übersetzer übersetzt worden. Zu dem stand im Betreff "Gebäude Architekt ". Nun ja etwas stutzig aber noch immer interessiert antwortete ich und ich bekam folgende E-Mail:

*Hello ,

Thank you for your attention about my apartment for rent. If you have questions about the bills, I need to inform you that only bills that you will pay are for internet and gas around 40 - 50 EUR. You can use my furniture with no extra pay, or you can also use your own if you prefer. If you decide to use yours, you will have access to a large and well ventilated cellar, where you can store my furniture. The price that must be paid every month will be 400 EUR including all utility (water, electricity, heating, cable TV, parking space, refrigerator, microwave, etc). Since I am the only person who have the keys and the acts I am able to use a real estate agency for delivery named Airbnb who will take care of this transaction, and I am willing to send you the keys so you can visit it and see if the apartment suits your needs. So the delivery will be started like this:

1) I will make the delivery papers at Airbnb agency.I will pay also to fees of the delivery that will be around 150 €.

2) After I will make the papers for delivery, Airbnb will require for your payment confirmation of the first month and the guarantee deposit(€ 400.00 + € 800.00= € 1200.00) into their bank account , you will find the instructions in the invoice.

3) After you confirm the payment , delivery will start and when you will receive the keys , you will have 2 days inspection period before your final decision to rent.

The agent will arrive at your address in 2 - 3 working day's.

4) If all is in order, you will instruct Airbnb agency to give me the money. Further rents will be sent directly to my bank account.

5) If you refuse to rent the apt , Airbnb agency will give you a full refund (€ 1200.00) and you will give them back the keys and the contract.

If you agree to proceed the delivery I need from you these information:

Name: Address: City: Postal Code: Country: Copy of ID or passport attached by mail: Phone number available: Nr. of persons:

After we start the delivery you just need to follow the instructions that you will get from agency so we can close the transaction successfully. The keys and the acts can remain at you until you want to see and move in to the apartment.

Thank you and I will wait for news !*

Da gingen bei mir alle Alarmglocken los. Das ist mit Sicherheit eine Abzocke oder ? Das was mich so verwundert ist, dass die Anzeige im perfekten Deutsch geschrieben ist.. War jemand schon mal in einer ähnlichen Situation?

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Englisch Referat über Royal Flying doctors

Ich weiß, dass es viel Text ist, aber ich hoffe, dass mir trotzdem jemand hilft...ich weiß nicht ob die Texte gut sind...und Fehler sind wahrscheinlich auch massenhaft drin...aber trotzdem danke...für jede Hilfe...

Way of Working:

The Rdfs owns circa 60 planes on 21 locations with more than 1000 staff. Calls are answered in the control center via telephone or radio and then taken to require a doctor for medical advice connected.The radio is 24 hours every day around the clock for emergency preparedness inement for failure of the telephone. If the RFDS flights performs is only needed a doctor on board.Many flights are accompained by nurses.Often drugs or blood products only with no medical personnel transported. Besides these, the RFDS stationed boxes with drugs on many remote locations and isolated farms


The cost of the RFDS are financed by federal grants of the government and the Norhtern Territory.The cost for the equipment and medical devices must pay the service itself. Therefore, it is very dependent on donations and other activities such as e.g. the visitors center in Alice Springs.Besides these, it generates revenue through reimbursement of costs for medical services by insurance or patient.

Service Area:

The RFDS looks after almost all low settles places in Australia. They serve a zone out of 7.15 millions sqare kiolmeters, this is two-thirds of the total area of Australia. Alone the base in Alice Springs is for a zone of 1,25 million sqare kilometers responsible, in this almost 16. 000 people live. 90 percent of them are Aboriginie. Within 2 hours the RFDS can give medical attention to any person in Australia.

Alice Springs:

The base in Alice Springs is the most famous station. The station is very popular for turists because the can visit it.

Und noch etwas zu der Geschichte wo ich mir nicht sicher bin:

1934 the Australian Aerial Medical Service was founded and opend bases in whole Australia. 1942 the name was changed in Flying doctor service and 1955 with the agreement of the English crown, in Royal Flying Doctor Service. Step by step the RFDS got their own planes and was now independent of the regional airlines, which the planes until then provided.

Danke, schonmal vorträglich!!!

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Frage zum Kauf eines T-Shirts?

Ich habe in London ein T-Shirt mit der Aufschrift "Hitler on European Tour 1939-1945" gefunden. Auf dem T-Shirt ist eine Abbildung von Adolf Hitler zu sehen wie er den Rechten Arm hebt. Außerdem ist ein Hakenkreuz unzenziert zu sehen. Nun zu meiner Frage. Ist es erlaubt dieses T-Shirt zu kaufen? Falls nein warum ist es verboten? Können sie mir dann bitte den zugehörigen gesetzes Text schicken oder eine Erklärung dazu schreiben?

Danke im Voraus^^ Schöne Grüße The OneAndOnly1939

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Englisch Aufsatz?Fehler?

Hallo zusammen!

Ich schreib demnächst eine Klausur in Englisch und ich wollte fragen, ob sich jemand das auf Fehler durchlesen könnte :)

Is the American Dream still alive? It's not an easy question to answer, especially in our current times full of uncertainty in our work and in our lives. The basic idea of the American Dream is that anybody can achieve anything, no matter how great the odds are against him or her. Most Americans believed that with a strong will and hard work, anybody can go from rags to riches. But reality show us something different… First of all, one can say that not everybody has the same equal opportunities, for example different education. Because of the individual community which has to pay teachers from local taxes (property taxes) and mainly coloured people and Hispanies live in regions where local governments do not get lot of taxes because the wort of the properties is quite low. This is the reason why schools in disadvantaged neighbourhoods are in a bad condition and teachers are not highly qualified. That explains why students and inhabitants of these areas has little chances of upward mobility and are often despairing. As a consequence of the bad education, people cannot find a well-paid job so that they can hardly escape from there. In disadvantaged neighborhoods are often a high unemployment rate, a high crime rate and much drugs abuse. As a result of the high unemployment rate are these areas known for poverty. Another point is that there are a large number of broken families and many students who leave school without taking their first exams. The life in disadvantaged neighbourhoods can be compare with a vicious circle. To sum up, one can say that the state does not take care and treat all people equally. Consequently, it grows a gap between the rich one and the poor people in the USA. So that many Americans lose faith of the American Dream.

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StockX Schuhe kaufen?

How does shipping & VAT work for European buyers?

By expanding our network to Europe, StockX has made everything simpler and easier…

Written by Support 

Updated yesterday

For our European buyers, we have now created a more transparent pricing policy for all items listed on our marketplace. This means that all of the costs presented on StockX when purchasing an item will be all inclusive. No additional taxes, duties, or VAT will be collected upon delivery of your item, like we have done in the past.

We believe in the power of transparency, so we made sure that what you see is what you get.

Note: this only applies to orders placed after October 4th, 2018. Any order placed on October 4th, 2018 or prior, would not have collected this up front and the buyer is responsible for duties and taxes upon delivery.

The shipping and VAT update applies to the following 32 countries:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK

meine frage ist muss ich trotzdem Zoll bezahlen?

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