Was war mit dem Shoot von CM Punk im Jahr 2011?

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Die erste Pipebomb CM Punks war das erste Mal seit etlichen Jahren in der WWE, als man tatsächlich ca. 1 Tag mutmaßte, ob es Work oder Shoot war.

Letztendlich war es ein Worked Shoot.

Zur Erklärung:

is the term for any occurrence that is scripted by the creative team to come off as unscripted and therefore appear as though it were a real life happening but is, in fact, still part of the show. This can be seen as an example of the writers breaking the fourth wall and attempting to court the fans who are interested in shoots (i.e., events outside of the traditional in-ring wrestling matchups). Notable characteristics of a worked-shoot include the mentioning of terms and information generally known only to industry insiders and "smart" fans. This community of "smart" pro-wrestling fans are sometimes referred to as "smarks".

Historically, it is unclear when the first occurrence of a
worked-shoot took place; however, it is generally attributed to the
public feud between comedian Andy Kaufman and Jerry "The King" Lawler in 1982.

Das War höchstwahrscheinlich auch gescript so wie das andere Alles. Cm Punk ist (war) laut Drehbuch(script) einer der besten Redner

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