was soll ´profile engine`sein?

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In welchem Zusammenhang bitte? Meinst Du die Website profileengine.com oder geht es um einen Fachbegriff?

engel8877 26.01.2013, 14:52

um die seite

DerFanta 27.01.2013, 21:34

Auf der About-Seite von Profile Engine wird es ausführlich erklärt:

The Profile Engine began life in 2007 as the world's first dedicated search engine for Facebook. Originally it was simply called 'Advanced Search'. The Profile Engine made it much easier to find your friends on Facebook and provided powerful new search tools for meeting new people, making friends and dating. More than ten million people created detailed searchable profiles on The Profile Engine so that others can find them more easily. It made it easier to find old friends and to make new ones.

In 2011 we have launched a complete redesign of The Profile Engine and have added a huge range of new features to develop it into a fully fledged social network offering amazing new features which are not available on any other social network! We're starting by giving you unlimited free streaming music worldwide, and video as well! You can tailor your music playlist automatically to match your favourite bands (or the favourites of people you know). We have even built in Facebook chat and newsfeed right here on the Profile Engine so that you can keep in touch with your friends on Facebook right here in one place!


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