Was passiert im Kinofilm starWars das erwachen der macht?

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Hab ner Freundin vor Kurzem ne Zusammenfassung geschrieben, weil sie sich Kino nicht leisten kann, ich hoffe, du kannst Englisch, sonst musst du dich mit dem Google-Übersetzer durchhangeln.





So the whole thing starts with that written stuff again where they explain that there are no Jedi anymore cause Luke disappeared. There’s a thing called The First Order now, basically some evil regime who try to take control, opposed by the resistance. The best pilot of the resistance was sent to some desert planet cause there were rumours that there’s a map there that leads to Luke Skywalker. That pilot already has the map but then the stormtroopers attack cause they want that map cause they don’t want no Jedi around. So the pilot hides the map in his droid and tells it to run away. The pilot gets caught and brought to the stormtroopers’ spaceship.

The droid runs away and a girl, the leading lady of the movie called Rey finds him and eventually decides to keep him, without knowing anything about the map.

In the meantime one of the stormtroopers who attacked the village where the now captured pilot was hiding gets sick of all the fighting and decides to help the pilot escape. They successfully escape and return to that desert planet cause obviously the pilot needs his droid back cause the map is hella important.

Their ship gets shot down by the mothership of the stormtroopers though and the former stormtrooper (now called Finn btw, he’s the black guy if you’ve seen the trailers) finds himself alone on the desert planet, only knowing about the droid and nothing about the map as well. Finn finds the wreck of the ship but the pilot is nowhere to be found, only his jacket so Finn takes it. He wanders through the desert and finds the village where Rey and the droid are. The droid sees Finn who wears his owner’s jacket so droid and Rey attack him, but he can finally explain to them what happened and that the pilot/owner is dead.

Suddenly more stormtroopers appear to capture their fugitive and the traitor and they see them together with the droid that they want because of the map so the three have to get away. They get on a spaceship that turns out to be the Millenium Falcon (cheers in the audience) and Rey flies that thing like a pro. She kicks ass anyway btw, she saves Finn’s ass all the time.

So they flee from that planet again and Finn tells Rey that he belongs to the resistance cause telling her he’s a former stormtrooper probably wouldn’t be wise. So Rey asks him to tell her where the base of the resistance is so they can go there. Of course Finn has no idea where that is, so he tells the droid to tell her the position of the droids’ base instead (or something like that, I forgot). So they’re headed there.

But suddenly their ship is captured. First they think it’s stormtroopers again, but it turns out to be Han Solo and Chewbacca (more cheering in the audience). After some fighting with some evil dudes who Han owes money they team up and travel together. Rey amazes Han with her pilot skills and she also modified the Millennium Falcon and Han is like ????

(I kinda forgot how and when, but eventually they all learn about the map and that it leads to Luke and all that)

So they end up on some planet at a bar. Finn is scared cause the others wanna try to find Luke and Finn thinks it’ll never work and it’s too dangerous and whatnot. Oh, and the bar owner has Luke’s lightsaber there so they get it.

Stormtroopers attack once again and eventually Rey is caught by Kylo Ren, the evil dude with the black mask. He reads her mind and sees that she knows about the map so he decides it’s enough to take her instead of searching for the droid. Rey is captured and the others are surrendered, but suddenly the resistance’s air force (or whatever they call it) shows up and saves them. Turns out that the pilot guy is still alive too.

So they finally get to the resistance’s headquarters where they meet Leia (cheering audience) and C3PO (more cheering). R2D2 is there too, but he hasn’t said/done anything since Luke disappeared.

Somewhere around there it turns out that the evil dude Kylo Ren is actually Han Solo’s and Leia’s son. They sent him to Luke who wanted to train a new generation of Jedi. But when Kylo Ren (his true name is Ben Solo I think) turned to the dark side Luke blamed himself and disappeared.

Of course now there’s trouble cause the evil guys have something like a second death star, only that it’s several times bigger than the original death star and it can erase whole systems with one shot. So they wanna destroy that thing. Luckily Finn kinda knows where to attack cause he was a stormtrooper once. He also claims to be able to deactivate their shield.

When he, Han and Chewie arrive on that death star thing it turns out that Finn doesn’t really know shit, he only wanted to get on that planet/death star thing to save Rey.

But Rey discovered the Force in the meantime when Kylo Ren tried to read her mind and managed to free herself, so she ‘s walking around trying to find a way to get off the planet.

Eventually Finn, Han and Chewie manage to deactivate the shield and run into Rey and try to escape together while the resistance’s pilots attack the death star thing. The four run into Kylo Ren though. Han Solo talks to him and tries to convince him to come home, Leia asked him to do so. First it looks like Kylo actually considers it, but then he kills Han by piercing his chest with his lightsaber and then throwing him off the huge ass bridge they are standing on, somewhere inside that death star thing. The others aren’t too happy about that.

In the end there’s a showdown in the forest (that planet/death star thing si so big that it has forests and shit). Finn has Luke’s lightsaber but he messes up and gets wounded so Rey has to save the day. She defeats Kylo after focusing on the Force, I think she even cuts off one of his arms, but when she wants to finish him off, the huge explosion starts cause the pilots managed to destroy the planet’s weak point. Rey and Finn (who is in a coma) escape cause Chewie gets the Millennium Falcon and they fly back to the resistance’s base.

They finally manage to “unlock” them map as well, the part that the droid had only worked together with another map that R2D2 had who finally wakes up towards the end. So Chewie, R2D2 and Rey travel to the point that the map indicates and Rey has to climb some big ass stairs alone on some green island. At the top she sees a figure in a hooded cloak who turns out to be Luke. They both don’t say a thing and the last pic is Rey holding Luke’s lightsaber towards him so everyone hopes he’ll take it and save the world and stuff.

So yeah, that’s it. I liked Rey a lot cause she wasn’t a damsel in distress, saved Finn all the time (without there being any romance between them, yay), tells Han how to fly his ship AND most importantly she’s the one who finishes off the bad guy when the dude can’t do it.





gibt keine Einzelheiten. War quasie ein best of von Teil 4-6. Inhaltlich ein glatte 6, von den Effekten her eine glatte 1. Star 7 hat es geschafft, gerade in den Luftschlachten der Style der 80er Jahre zu wahren und dennoch diesen mit neuster Technik auszupolstern. Demnach war es also ein sehr actionreiches Spektakel. Was aber sehr stört ist, dass die Bösen immer nur so gut wie der superSchurke sind und dieser war in dem Film mehr als armseelig, was dem ganzen viel zu sehr die Spannung genommen hat. Und der neue Imperator ersatz war auch mehr als arm. Ganz nett war die Idee, dass hier die Bösen die Rebelolen waren und die guten die Repuplik. Das haben sie jedoch auch gründlich verholzt, denn es artete darauf aus, dass die bösen auseinandergenommen wurden, als gäbe es kein morgen mehr und eine Schlacht nach der nächsten vernichtend geschlagen wurden. Diesmal wurden allerdings die bösen Sturmtruppen viel menschlicher als in den letzten STarWars Filmen da gestellt, was schon bald Sympathie gegenüber den bösen geweckt hat und man den Guten nach einiger zeit bei jeder Gelegenheit den Tod wünschte, der dann doch nicht eintrat. Außerdem hat man in diesem Film die Hauptfiguren eher weniger gebraucht. HanSOlo wurde durch einen für den Film komplett überflüssigen schwarzen ersetzt und der Abschlusskampf mit den Lichtschwertern, war absolut bedeutungslos für den Ausgang des FIlmes. Das ist der Film :)

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