Was sind eurer Meinung nach die besten Weihnachtslieder?

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Hey, es gibt viele lieder, die sehr schön sind. Deshalb schicke ich dir mal meinen Playlist auf Youtube :)) Vielleicht werden meine Lieder dir auch gefallen? :)


Also meine lieblings top 3 Weihnachtslieder sind:

1.Heintje - Alle Jahre Wieder:


2.Julian David - Kerzenlicht und Mistelzweig:


3.Linda Fäh - An Weihnachten kommen die Engel:


Liebe Grüße, Emre Gürkan :)

Die geistlich/spirituell gesehen größte Salbung von allen Weihnachtsliedern, soll auf dem Lied: "Oh du fröhliche...!" liegen. Dieses Lied ist unglaublich enthusiastisch. Wenn man es in einer wirklich guten Choraufnahme hört, reißt es einen fast schon von selbst in den Himmel : )

Ich persönlich bin auch sehr bewegt von "Engel haben Himmelslieder..."

Bitte Songtext in deutsch übersetzen?

Hier ist der Text:

Drown me in my daily cup of tea, Tell the porcupines to quit stabbing me, They make me fall, but i will stand 'Cause all of them are jerks with their cups in their hands. Now they want a whisper, a whisper from me, 'Cause all of them have watched me on their big screen tv's But what about little ol' , little ol' me, the one who got bullied, because of her teeth.

I hope you all are watching my middle finger rise, to the bullies in the school yard, I know i'm on your mind, now you say love me, but what about before, when i was just that silly little girl next door. oh oh ohhhohh

Ladies o' ladies, why are you so mad, is it cause im classy, and you're trash bag you teasing and laughing resonates through my heart and now youre calling me 'cause you want a fresh start

Now look at you boys you cant believe your eyes, you told me I was ugly and I took you by surprise, you should of been nicer cause look where I'm at, while you copy Mac Miller wearin' snap back hats.

I hope you all are watching my middle finger rise, to the bullies in the school yard I know im on your mind, now you say love me, but what about before, when i was just that silly little girl next door. oh oh ohhhohh

Why must you be so mean, talking trash about me...

All i wanted was a friend to laugh and cry and spend all of eternity or even just a week...

I hope you all are watching my middle finger rise, to the bullies in the school yard I know im on your mind, now you say love me, but what about before, when I was just that silly little girl next door. ohh...

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Englisch Klassenarbeit über Australien.

Hallo, Ich muss in meiner nächste Arbeit einen Text über Australien schreiben und wollte mal fragen ob mein Text, den ich geschrieben habe, gut ist.

Dear ..., I spend my holidays in Australia, because my friend has told me, that Australia is very interesting. Do you know the History of Australia? The History of Australia is very Amazing, so i want to Tell you Sonpmething about the History. In 16th Century, the Humans Startes to arrive, but many People are died, because they have to Fight in blöde Fights. In 1901, Australia which is the smalles continent, was founded. Yesterday we have visit the Ayers Rock, which is also fallen Uluru. The Uluru is a really sacred place for the Aboriginies, therefore you have to show respect. The Ayers Rock is in the middle of nowhere, so it's really difficult to arrive to the Ayers Rock. Fortunately, there are a Pool in our hotel, because it's very hot ans dry. Today we want to go to the kargest coral reef in the world, which is called Great Barrier Reef. Do you know that you can see the Great Barrier Reef from space with the naked eye?It's really beautiful, the Blue water, the blue sky and the 2.000 species of animals. Another highlight in Australia is Sydney. Sydney, which is the biggest city in Australia, isn't the capital, because the capital is Canberra. I think The Most interesting sight is the Opera House, which is surrounded by water on three sides. So, Australia is a really wonderful country and i want you to go to Australia.

Dear ...

Wie findet ihr den Text oder habt ihr Verbesserungsvorschläge? Danke für eure Hilfe ;)

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Ich hoffe jemand nimmt sich zeit für mich hahah�?

Kann jemand mir das alles auf deutsch übersetzen google übersetzer bringt sätze raus die kein sin ergeben aber bitte ehrlich? Und keine dumme kommentare!

If is your boyfriend never let you go keep you on my arm girl you'd never be alone

You were in my dreams last night

Well let me tell you a story about a girl and a boy he fell in love with his best friend when she's around he feels nothing buy joy but she was already broken and it made her blind but she could never believe that love would ever treat her right but did you know that i love you or were you not aware ? You're the smile on my face and i ain't going nowhere i'm here to see you smile i've been wanting to teel you this for a long while

Your world is my world & my fight is your fight

Justin bieber If you let me inside of your world,there's gonna be one less lonely girl

You know you love me, i know you care Just shout whenever,and I'll be there

As long as you love me, i'll be your platinum i'll be your gold...

Gonna give everything i have,it's my desting i will never say never

Many have called but the chosen is you. Whatever you want, i'll give it to you

You know you love me , i know you care. I know shout whenever an i'll be there.

(I wanted to make it and i was gonna make it regardless of what anybody said)

Follow your dreams aud never say never

If i was your boyfriend 3 never let you go keep you on my arm girl you'd never be alone

When i met you girl my heart went knock knock now them butterflies in my stomach won't Stop stop

This life's too long and this love's too strong so baby,know for sure that i'll never let you go

If t was your boyfriend, never let you go keep you on my arm girl, you'd never be alone i can be a gentleman, anything you want if i was your boyfriend I'd never let you go

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Könntet ihr mir bitte diesen Text korrigieren; Englisch?

Marcus is a twelve-year-old boy who his parents separate and so he left Cambridge where they had all been living and moved to London alone with his mother, because his mother found a Job. But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t see his dad, he visits him regularly and likes his girlfriend Lindsey too. He is worry about two things in life, since they arrive to London, firstly he feels uncomfortable at his new school, because he gets bullied by the kids. Some reasons that make him different is for example he is weird, old-fashioned, has a strange haircut, wears also weird glasses and he listens to unpopular singers like John Mitchell and likes singing too. Also, he doesn’t watch tv or play any computer games because Fiona, his mother, doesn’t allow him. All the kids laugh at him, especially when he suddenly sings during lesson, when he gets nervous. That’s the reason why he doesn’t have any friends and nobody to talk to. Whenever he tries to talk to Nicky and mark, two of his only friends on his new school, get away from him because they are afraid to get bullied too. His second concern is his mum, who is always crying more than in Cambridge, so he wants someone who makes her happy, because he also doesn’t know the reason and tries to know it and suffers from depression. Marcus is described as a shy, polite, naive and unconfident boy. For example, he says that he isn’t the right person for parties because he is shy.

Danke im Voraus

buch: About a boy

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Ist dieser Text in englisch richtig?

My name is ******. I’m 14 years old and live in ******, a very small and rural village in Hessen, Germany. ******* has only 68 inhabitants, including my brother, my mother and me. We live in a red Swedish wooden house at the edge of the village. My brother’s name is***** ,he is 17 years old and a very funny guy, he is going to the “Oberstufe”, it's like the senior highschool in Canada. My mother’s name is ***, she is a Physics and Biology teacher at my school. But we don't live alone, we have many pets, like a little zoo. First of all, there is Goty. Goty is a dog from Spain. Then there is Tintin, Tintin is our cat, it's a funny pet. We have three horses, too. Fabi, Popeye and Summerset. Finally we have six chickens, they don't have own names but they lay delicious eggs.

My hobbies are playing the piano, soccer, astronomy and meeting friends. Maybe astronomy sounds boring, but it's more interesting than you think. I play soccer by ********, it's the football club in our neighboring village, (village name). It's a lot of fun but sometimes really hard, but I think because of this I like it. Sometimes I go to the youth club on the weekend to meet friends and celebrate. Or I look movies or series like breaking Bad.

My school is the (long school name), in short NAO. I go to school by bus at 6:40 am, it takes 35 minutes to get there. School in German starts at 7:45 am. My favorite subjects are Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Math.

I like to go to Canada, because I want to practice my English. I think it's very important to be good at English, because people all over the world speak English. I also like the Canadian landscape, it's very impressive. I've heard that the people living in Canada should be very kindful and open-minded, so I want to meet them.

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