Was heisst?she told me to meet her at our usual dinner place to catch up on everything that has happened in our lives during the past year?

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Gib es auf, diesen Text zu lesen, wenn du bereits mit so einfachen Textausschnitten Probleme hast.

Ich habe das Gefühl, dass du seit gestern einen Satz nach dem anderen eingibst.

Sie sagte, wir sollten uns dort treffen, wo wir oft gemeinsam essen gehen/gingen um einander zu erzählen was in unseren Leben im letzten Jahr so passiert ist.

Sie forderte mich auf, sie in dem Restaurant zu treffen, in dem wir zu essen zu pflegen, um uns über alles auszutauschen, was wir im vergangenen Jahr erlebt haben.

Ist dieser Satz richtig geschrieben auf Englisch?

Hallo.. Ich habe diesen Text mit Google Translate übersetzt... Könnt ihr mir sagen ob die Rechtschreibung und Grammatik stimmt? Oder was ich besser machen könnte?


"Every day a truck comes to us and bring us packages for our company. We have to control the packages, documents and will accept it, if everything is ok. We unpack the packages. We enter it all in the system. We store everything in the right place. "

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Tagebuch einer Klassenfahrt nach London

Ich muss in Englisch einen Tagebuch über unsere Londonfahrt schreiben und wollte mal fragen ob jemand den ersten Tag Korrektur liest. Danke.

Dear Diary, Today we started our trip from ....to London. It was a long journey, but the bus was fantastic. We met in front of our school at 4.45 am. Everybody of us was excited because the day of the departure had arrived. At 5.00 am we started our trip to London. We drove through Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. First we thought, the drive would be very boring, but it wasn't. Our bus ride was very funny. We sung many songs together, listened to music and played games. In Calais we took the ferry to Dover. The passage was about 1 hour long. The size of the ferry and the view of deck fascinated me. At about 21.30 pm we arrived at Maidenhead. All host mums and dads waited there and the students in the bus were getting excited. Everybody thought which mom is my mom?orI want to have this dad. We got our pogs and waited. We waited and waited. .....and me got nervous. We got to know our mum, Mrs. .....and her child, and drove to her flat. The flat was nice. Small, but new fixtures. In the living room our mum introduced her son to us and told about her family. Their son, is five years old and her husband is at the moment in Germany to the army. She herself comes from Somalia and lives for 7 years in London. Also we told about our families and the bus ride. At 11 pm .... and me went to bed. Everybody had his own room. It was a hard day for us and we only wanted to sleep! Although I am very tired, I still can't sleep. I hope my second day in London will be very good. Good night!

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Wie heißt dieses Zitat auf Deutsch?

"For those who believe in God, most of the big questions are answered. But for those of us who can't readily accept the God formula, the big answers don't remain stone-written. We adjust to new conditions and discoveries. We are pliable. Love need not be a command nor faith a dictum. I am my own god. We are here to unlearn the teachings of the church, state, and our educational system. We are here to drink beer. We are here to kill war. We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take"

Wäre sehr nett, Danke schon mal im Voraus.

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Könnte jemand Korrekturlesen Englischer Text?

Hallo zusammen könnte jemand über meinen Text schauen und mir ein feedback geben bzw. gucken ob alles grammatikalisch richtig ist.

Vielen Dank im Voraus.

Der Text:

It was on Monaday  the 10 of may 2008,  as the phone ring, and the doctor told my father that my mother will get my baby sister.I was 13 years old. I just remember that my sibilings and i were real excited to have a baby sister in our life that really changed everything. My littel sister was born at a very heavy time, my parents had private problems, we moved from Bremen to Aachen, on the one hand it was a very stressful time but on the other hand  the birth of my sister was a wonderful present for my parents , because they were full of happieness to had a new baby after 10 years and they forgot all their problems in this heavy time.

The day when my father saying that my baby sister was born i was so excited i screamed of exitement until i lost my breathe, when we went to the delivery room it was an incredible miracle.

My sibilings and i stood around her and looked at her, suddenly she smile to us, 

no joke she was a few hous old and smiled to us, this was a very emotinal moment for us  we couldent belive that this little worm is our sister.

The first time when i hold her was very heavy i felt like i was going to drop her but i didnt.

My baby sister was a very specially baby she was very small and she had very dark, almost black hair, a light skinned and round eys.

The hole hospital love her becouse she was so sweet.

If we went outside with her she got everywhere attention because she always similed and laughing.

I still remember exactly what her first word was, it was „ zerbes“ this means on  Kurdish watermelon, this was her favorite food until today.

Today my baby sister ist not anymore a baby , she is 10 years old and she is in the fourth grade of a primary school, she is sometimes naughty but still very loving,  i am so proud to be her big sister.

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Hallo muss in englisch eine Charakterisierung schreiben (klasse 10) kann sie jmd bewerten und tipps geben und fehler zeigen?


The extract taken from the nobel “Slam“ written by Nick Hornby published in year 2007 is about the 16-year-old Sam, who has his birthday but gets a messag by his ex Alicia. Then they meet in Starbucks.

We know that Sam is shy, because he is going away from his mom to the toilet just to text Alicia back (cf. l. 18). He is also quickly panicking as we can see in line 12, when he said “Part of me was panicking.“. He is still a little kid (cf. ll. 28-29), which cannot make any mistakes, because he thinks Alicia is pregnant(cf. L. 42).

Sam is an optimist, because he still thinks about something else that happened (cf. ll. 47-48). He is also scared and goes first in the queue when they meet just to have more time (cf. ll. 55-58).

He is very nervous and would also give up skateboarding if Alicia is not pregnant (cf. l. 39).

Sam is nervous, because of Alicia. He would do everything just if Alicia is not pregnant. To sum it up Sam ist actually coward, anxious and also stupid.

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Stimmt dieser Englische Aufsatz so?

I am tired oft he usual stuff staying in Europe, going to Croatia or France. Having Chips, getting tanned all that usual stuff. But my dream holiday is a different place. It starts with renting a big motorhome and travelling through Canada, USA and New Mexico. Stopping at places like Mammoth, Lake Tahoe, Grand Canyon, Disney Land, Yellowstone nationalpark, Niagara Falls and the walk of fame. I would eat tons of Mexican food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for the whole month. The second month i would travel to the Amazonas and hike through the woods and swamps. Visit native tribes and learn from there culture.

Ist das Gramatikalisch alles korrekt?

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