Was heisst: well, it sounds kind of stupid to ask but . . . have you ever heard of this guy named Brad Connelly?

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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet

Nun, es mag doof klingen, dies zu fragen, aber hast Du jemals von einem Mann namens Brad Conelly gehört?

Du hast im ersten teil zu exakt versucht zu übersetzen und dann Guy übersetzt als stände da Mann.

Denn sprachlich ist das im deutsch durchaus gut aber wenn die englisch gängige formulierung it may sound klnd of stupid ist eher die gängige phrase zu empfehlen die frage mag doof...


Ich habe "Mann" gewählt, weil ich den Kontext nicht kenne. Wie "guy" tatsächlich übersetzt werden muss, ergibt sich aus dem Kontext.


Naja Arizona hat fast recht:

Nun die frage klingt etwas doof aber... hast du je von nem Typen names Brad Connelly gehört?

"Typen" ist hier besser als "Mann" für "guy"


Ich finde das von AriZona sehr gut.

Nintendo Switch aus Frankreich auch auf Deutsch spielbar?

Ich will mir aus Frankreich die Nintendo Switch+The Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild über Amazon France bestellen, da es so billiger ist. Doch ist es dann auch auf Deutsch spielbar? Da Japanische Nintendo Konsolen nur auf Japanisch spielbar sind ist mir hier mit Frankreich auch die Frage gekommen.

Danke im Voraus!

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Kann man im Englichen einen Satz mit "But" beginnen?

Potato? At you have a sense of humor. But honestly, you are more beautiful than her.

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Kann jemand meinen kurzen Englisch Text überfliegen und nach Fehlern suchen?

The main character of the short story „The swim team“ written by Miranda July in 2007, is named Maria, is 22 years old and lives alone in Belvedere, a small city, which is free from swimming pools. There is only a gas station and a market in Belvedere.
She would like to move, but she don’t have enough money (she don’t have a car or phone as well) and she don’t like to ask his parents, although she write every week to them. Her life is very boring (line 9-11), because she have nothing to do and no friends until she listens to a talk of three 80-years-old-persons, called Elizabeth, Kelda and Jack Jack, who can’t swim but they want to. So she suggests to teach them in swimming, because she learned in High School, and later she gives „swimming lessons“ to them twice a week in her living room with bowls of water and a kitchen floor. At the beginning of the story Maria is a little bit shy, she don’t like to speak with other people and starts tob e exited. (line 35-37) But at the end of the story Maria is a strong and purposeful coach, who dares to talk and to say what to do. (line 97-98) These swim lessons gives Maria something to do and she miss the lessons later.

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Hallo ist das richtig auf English?

  1. Pauline has not Seen her mother since she has arrived last week.
  2. Mr Martins has looked at the New plans yesterday, but he has not decided yet if he will accept them.
  3. I never have looked horror Films, so I have not watched the one TV last night.
  4. My grandfather always has enjoyed a glass of red wine with his meal, but since he has had his heart attack, he has not even looked at alcohol any more.
  5. When the New immigrants have arrived in the united states, they often have not can speaked english.
  6. Soon after their arrival they found out that they must learned English immediately.
  7. Since the days of the American colonies, immigrants maked this experience over and over again.
  8. The same was true of the immigrants of the 1970s, but they conntinouslied to tried to learn English ever since they landed in America.
  9. Every group of immigrants considered America AS a country of nearly unlimited opportunities.
  10. Mr Bart came to America 10 years ago and life there ever since.
  11. Last year he got married and he already to teach his wife some italian.
  12. His parents to visit him three times, although they never wanted to travel across the Atlantic.
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bedeutung: but I may as well have?

hab mir gerade die letzte Folge der ersten staffel gossip girl angeschaut und da kommt der satz von oben vor. I didn't sleep with her. But I may as well have was ist damit genau gemeint ?

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Unterschied zwischen have heard und did you hear?

Hallo Englischexperten, erläutert mir bitte mal so ausführlich und anschaulich wie möglich worin der Unterschied zwischen diesen beiden Sätzen besteht?

a. Have you heard of him / it / her again? b. Did you hear of him / it / her again?

Zwecks Veranschaulichung wäre auch eine genaue Übersetzung für mich sehr hilfreich. Danke.

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