Was hat der Leader von B.A.P?

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“Hello, this is TS Entertainment.

“First, we want to thank everyone for their support prior to the release of B.A.P’s second studio album, which will be released on November 7.

“While we hate to impart bad news, leader Bang Yong Guk recently visited the hospital due to health problems and was diagnosed with panic disorder.

“As a result, Bang Yong Guk and the members decided that the group would continue with promotions with just five members, as the first priority is Bang Yong Guk’s recovery. While B.A.P is promoting, Bang Yong Guk will be focusing on receiving professional treatment and getting better.

“As this new album is a product of a lot of hard work, and as much as the fans and B.A.P members have waited for this, the five members will do their best to fill in for Bang Yong Guk.

“Please continue to support B.A.P.”

Er hat sowas wie Panik Attacken ;-;

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Kommentar von Souleater313
06.11.2016, 15:23

Achso okay. Vielen Dank!😊

Kommentar von xxAsukaxx
06.11.2016, 15:29

Bitte sehr 🌚

Kommentar von xxAsukaxx
06.11.2016, 15:30

Bin kein Bap Fan hoffe aber das er gesund wird ;-;

Kommentar von Souleater313
06.11.2016, 15:49

Ich bin B.A.P Fan, aber nicht so krass wie bei BTS,xD Ja ich hoffe auch sehr das er wieder gesund wird.


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