was bedeutet ,,monolingual'' bzw. ,,bilingual''?

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Vom Fragesteller als hilfreich ausgezeichnet

Einsprachig und Zweisprachig.

Und Wörterbücher bieten dir die Möglichkeit Bedeutungen und Übersetzungen von Wörtern zu lernen.

Kurz zusammengefasst:

Du sollst in einem einsprachigen UND in einem zweisprachigen Wörterbuch anhand eines Beispiels die Unterschiede zwischen diesen beiden Wörterbuch-Arten herausfinden.

monolingual bedeutet Wörterbuch mit (englisch/englisch) und bilingual bedeutet (English/German-German/English)

Ist dieser englische Text korrekt?

I had a football match on Saturday morning. My friends and I played versus Köln. We played at the pitch from Köln. It was super because we won 3:0. I scored two goals. I liked it because we all played good and fast.our team are now at the second place at the table. All in one it was a very good match.

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Habe ich Fehler bei im Text englisch?

Ich muss als Hausaufgabe eine zusammfassung von einen Text machen und ich wollte fragen ob es so richtig ist:

The story is about the girl Nina and it’s her birthday. Her brother David and some friends planned a trip to the Kakadu National Park as a birthday surprise. The group has an argument about what to do. Nina and Mike want to go swimming in a freshwater billabong, but David disagrees. He worries about salt water crocodiles which could be there. They arrive at the park and the rest of the day went normal. At the next day the group does some rock climbing, but while they do this, Mike and Nina disappeare. David and Cathy worry and David hurt his foot. After much waiting time they come back to the other both. When Nina is alone with David, she tells him that she and Mike were at a lower pool, but than a crocodile appeared at the other side. They ran and climbed a rock, so nothing fatal happened. Nevertheless it was a big shock.


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at least

Hallo, ich würde gerne wissen, ob folgender englischer Satz richtig ist:

At least one of us is having ambitions.

Ich bin mir irgendwie nicht ganz sicher. Vielen Dank :)

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Schule Englisch? Text? Ist das so richtig? Habe ich fehler?

Homework English

I have got problems with my parents too. I m not allowed to do anything. My mum and my dad are strict. My parents doesnt give me my mobile phone because I had a badly i the english test. I am not allowed to play with any technical things.

I thing it us really unfair. I have to go bed at 9 clock and dont watch tv after 9 clock.

Its really uncool dont like it.

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Ubersetzung Deutsch-English?


I am Mike and i am living in England. I try to learn currently some German and i hope i can get some help here.

How can i tell in German "My best childmemories have to do with this place ." Meine beste errinerungen haben mit diesem platz zu tun? Can someone use the verb "tun" in this situation?

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kann mir das jemand von englich ins deutsche übersetzten?

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