Was bedeutet LA COKA NOSTRA?

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La Coka Nostra means "this dope thing of ours" Coka literally translates to Cocaine or the Coka plant, what we know as dope, and of course Nostra means "ours". It originated from la COSA nostra which was the sicillian mafia it stands for "this thing of ours" referring to business. La Coka Nostra is currently a hip-hop group containing rappers: Danny Boy, Ill Bill, Mr. White, Slaine, Big Left and DJ Lethal.... they are one of the sickest groups around in the world today.

La Coka Nostra ist eine Hip Hop Crew bei der unter anderem die Rapper Ill Bill und Necro vertreten sind. Der Name ist vermutlich ein Wortspiel das sich an die "Cose Nostra", die sizilianische Mafia, anlehnt.

unsere coka??oder meinst du cosa nostra?unsere sache.

nein-- LA COKA NOSTRA --:-S


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