Was bedeutet dieses Zitat von Joseph Lister?

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Schwierig ... ich habe gerade gesehen, dass er Brite war. Ich bin Ami.

Ich verstehe es so in etwa: Ich hoffe, bei der Behandlung von Patienten, dass ich in die Lage versetzt werde, immer auf Wohlsein scharf fokussiert vorzugehen.

Ob das so im Deutschen geht, weiß ich nicht so ganz.

Geht schon. Nur um Wohl(sein) (eher Trinkspruch) gehört noch ein Possesivpronomen. ... auf ihr Wohlbefinden zu achten. Aber damit bin ich schon näher an einem Nachempfinden als an einer Übersetzung.


Im Kopf hatte ich ein "auf" darin, aber es kam nicht über die Tastatur. ;-)

"auf ihr Wohlsein"

Aber du hast recht "auf ihr Wohlbefinden" ist besser.

"zu achten" ist auch gut.


Ich sehe den Sinn so:

Ich gehe davon aus, dass ich bei der Behandlung von Patienten in der Lage bin, immer vorwiegend in Hinblick auf dessen Wohlergehen zu handeln.


Ich hoffe, in der Lage zu sein, bei der Behandlung von Patienten immer mit einem Auge auf deren Wohlbefinden zu handeln.


Ich hoffe, ich kann bei der Behandlung von Patienten immer ein Auge auf deren Wohl haben.

Brauche eure Hilfe in English? Es ist wichtig?

Könnt ihr mir meinen Text durchlesen und wenn ihr Fehler findet es ausbessern, da ich versuche mich zu verbessern. Ich würde mich für eure Hilfe sehr bedanken und bedanke mich im voraus . Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe

Today I will speak about young People. The important thing for the Teenagers is Clothes. For many Teenagers, it does not matter what the clothes look like, the price and the brand always important. Many teenagers say that they are too overpriced brands but still are almost all of their clothes from well-known brands.

The teenagers try to style themselves to either show-off or impress girls. They want to belong to a group to hang out with or they also make fun of the others who cannot afford expensive clothes or use their money sparingly.

Especially sports brands are very popular with boys and girls are more classic clothes. There are also some Youtubers who make videos about it and then they look at the kids and then they try to dress like their idols.

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Englisch Summary "Out into the World" - Feedback!?

Hey Community, ich bereite mich im Moment für meine Englisch Klausur vor.Eine der Aufgaben wird es sein ein Summary zu schreiben.Ich nahm mir nun einen englischen Text und habe es zusammengefasst.

Ich freu mich auf euer Feedback!

Out into the World


The given report, puplished in 19. September 2007 by the Guardian Weekly, is about a 17 years old girl, Jo Becker, who had a amazing and expierencing trip in the Amazon River.

Jo Becker is a girl, who always wanted to travel down the Amazon rivers.In Summer 2006 she was given the opportunity from a British School Exploring Society to join an Expedition.The goals of the Expedition was to carry out scientific researches and conservations of the Amazone and to protect the habitat.However she was not alone, a group of Peruvian Scientist and students from LA university accompanied her.Some of you may think it is like a holiday trip but on the contrary they travelled deeper in the Amazons as tourists are allowed to and it was hard to accommodate the circumstances ,thus everyone reached their limits.She have met alot of people , who helped her to get through the poachers and the wildlife.Some of their tasks were disgusting and tough to do.

However at the end she has learned alot about the Amazon and the people who are surviving every day by just having the basics to life.

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Ist die analyse (englisch ) so okay? BEWERTUNG BITTE!

hey ich hab mal ne analyse einer rede von ronald reagen geschrieben, wäre echt toll wenn ihr mir ien feedback geben könntet :)!

The speech "lets renew the compact" by ronald reagon is about renewing the compact and following the american dream. R.R. has made this speech ot get electet as a president. To be succesful with that he used many stilistsic devices to show how important it is that he got electet from the US. R.R: gets die audience's attention by showing his feelings and emotions which have made his speech so succesfull. Reagen starts with the history of america and what matters of being an american. he appeals to feelings and emotions by talking on a personal level. "(...) for the sake of this, our beloved and blessed land? together, let us make this a new beginning." (L.29-30) The speaker makes sure he is thankful for being elected as he said at the beginning:"with a deep awarnes of the responsibility conferred by your trust, I accept your nomination for the presidency of the United States." (L.5-9) He shows the crowd they can trust him and he belongs to them. Reagen uses also parallelisms to effect that people connect the words easier and make the speech easier to understand.:"(...) their lives, theirs fortune and their scared honor to found this nation." The words seem well choosen and effect to stand out. He points up that live, fortune an dthier scarced honor belongs to each other to effect their nation. Another paralellism is:let us make a commitment to care for the needy; to teach our children the virtues handed sown to us by our families; to have the courage to defend those values and virtues and the willingness to sacrifice for them." (L.31-32) with every new part he starts, the importance of the main content increases. Reagon also presents himself as a religious man:" (...) which God has granted as our portion of his creation." (L.33-34) This is again a good example to show that he talks on personal level to the people so they believe and trust him. He gives impressions that he s not someone special who has the intention to play with the crowd. Reagen stresses again that he belongs to the nation so they all are one. He infects that the crowd feels patriotism and a feeling of being a nation."there are no words to explain the extraordinary strength and character of this breed of people we call american."R.R. talks again about what they(The nation)calls american. Reagon uses accumulations when he said:(...)bound together in that community of shared values of family, work, neighborhood, peace and freedom." The importance of the words become every time more meaning to the compact and american dream. reagon uses(usw da kommt noch so einiges) All in all the speech was very succesful and he used the stilistic devices smart. Ronald got elected because he really could touch the peolle and seemed so down to earth that he got the whole sympathy for the whole nation.(das ende passt nciht mehr so richtig rein, das reicht aber erst mal :)

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Englisch summary .. Carribean London?

Hallo ich sollte eine summary machen über den Text "carribean london" im Green Line Buch.

habt ihr Verbesserungsvorschläge?

The text "Caribbean London" deals with the integration of Caribbeans in London.

The Caribbeans came to London after the British industries need their help.But the meeting between the Caribbean and the British people wasn't pleasant. And because of the racial treatment of the Britains they couldn't find a good job or a home where they can live. They were only able to do the jobs which were very hard. Even the police had a abharrance against the Caribbeans.But a long time later they got used to each other and eventually the Caribbeans were accepted. Today Caribbean's have all possibilities to find a good job and live in London like everybody else

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Englisch Charakterisierung Text

Hey Leute wollte mal fragen ob das so stimmt, also ob ich das so schreiben kann... verbesserungvorschläge immer gerne gehört :)

She is a very good looking person and she has always a smile on her lips and rosy cheeks. Her blue eyes are very beautyful and her long brown-blond hair too. The person i am talking about is my best friend.

She ist the friendlyies person alive. Tanja is so sympathetic and when i need her she is her for me. She is so cool and my best friend since i was a little child. I often look at those people who call the person they met a few days befor their best friends. All i do is laught because i thinkt of this girl, who is just perfect for me and i know her for so many years. I am so happy to call her my best friend, because she listens to me when i am talking and i could tell her everything i am afraid of. My best friend is one of the most important people in my life. She teached me to be always myself because there are people out there, who loves me the way i am…

As a result, she is my other half and i am so lucky to know her.

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