Was bedeutet der Text übersetzt auf Deutsch?

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Evtl. ist ein Tippfehler darin: "come out" statt "come off".

Man kann es aber ohne Kontext nicht wissen.

Okay^.^ Danke für deine Antwort:) 


Okay, Englisch ist meine Muttersprache und ich kann diesen Satz auch nicht verstehen. Wer hat diesen Satz geschrieben???

Ein amerikanischer Internetfreund aus Texas xD Davor hat er auch nichts geschrieben, sondern mich direkt so angeschrieben


Er kommt aus Texas aber seine Muttersprache ist wahrscheinlich Spanisch. Ich bin Amerikanerin und dieser Satz macht keinen Sinn.


Würde mal nicht-jugendfreien Sinn vermuten.

Also es ist ein amerikanischer Internetfreund, mit dem ich öfters online spiele, normalerweise ist er nicht so xD


Englisch Ed Stafford Former soldier from England?

Hallo zusammen

Ich habe hier einen Text für die English Matura Prüfung. Obwohl ich schon seit längerem dran bin, geht mir einiges nicht in den Kopf.

Ed Stafford, a former soldier form England, 1 (recently/complet) an incredible journey. He is the forst man who 2 (walk) the whole length of the Amazon River from source to sea with just a backpack, crossing from Peru to Brazil via Coumbia.

Early in 2009, Ed 3 (decide) to do the trip to raise money and awareness for different causes, including cancer research and the environment. He 4 (tell) the journey was impossible to complete. He 5(describe) as "crazy", which is understandable, given the dangers and the distance involved.

Ed 6(begin) his journe at the sourche of the River Amazon in Peru, in April 210 and it 7(take) him two years to complete his trip, although before the journey he 8(think) it would only thake him a year. He remembers 9(walk)about 5.5 km an hour per day on average. While Ed 10(hike) along the river, he 11(bite) on countless occasions by different insects (it 12 (estimate) that he (have)50 000 mosquito bites)

Ed 13 (keep) in touch with the outside world through Twitter and als through weekly blogs. If he 14(not have) ths link to the outside world, we 15(never/find) out about the challenges he 16(must) face. After this trip, he now 17(consider) himself happy to have survived this incedible journey. As intended, he 18(tackle) another challenge: next year, he is looking forward 19(swim) around the Amerkcan continent. What a crazy man!

Ich zeige wie ich vorgehe:

  1. Schlagwort: recently - abgeschlossen - past - recently completed richtig ist aber had completed (wieso?)
  2. Past - walked - abgeschlossen
  3. decided (abgeschlossen)
  4. is telling weil er es ja gerade erzählt
  5. is describing weil er es ja gerade erzählt richtig ist aber is described (wieso?)
  6. began his ... abgeschlossen
  7. took .. abgeschlossen, nicht indirekt, nicht passiv
  8. thought .. richtig ist had tought (wieso?)
  9. to walk..richtig is walking (wieso?)
  10. has hiked ...richtig was hiking (wieso?)
  11. was been bitten richtig was bitten
  12. estimates, has had richtig ist had
  13. kept
  14. didn't have richtig ist hadn' t had (wieso es ist ja auch abgeschlossen)
  15. had never found richtig ist would never have found (was soll das?)
  16. must richtig ist had to
  17. considers
  18. is tackling richtig ist is going to tackle
  19. to swim richtig ist to swimming (wieso?)

Könnt ihr mir hier helfen, ich sehe nicht durch, danke

lg E.

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Ich sollte ein Text zum Thema "Hitzefrei" schreiben, in dem ich meine Meinung repräsentiere, könnt ihr mir sagen ob der grammatikalisch korrekt ist?

Ich sollte ein Text zum Thema "Hitzefrei" schreiben, in dem ich meine Meinung repräsentiere, lönnt ihr mir sagen ob der grammatikalisch korrekt ist, es ist keine ERÖRTERUNG. Ich bringe noch mehr Arfumente rein :D

Lots of teenagers want a day off because of exessive heat in their school. I think the teachers should allow the teenagers a day off because of excessive heat, for different reasons, that I am going to explain:

Sometimes teachers think it's not good that the teenagers have a day off because of excessive heat, because it is important to learn more in the school. Also, it would be better that the teacher will allow it to have a day off because of excessive heat for the teenagers in their school, because it has a massive effect on the healthy for them, for example for the psychic.

To sum up, I think teachers should allow a day off because of excessive heat for the teenagers in their schools, because it is good for the healthy.

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Morgen eine Englisch Arbeit!

Also ich schreibe morgen eine Englisch Arbeit und ein teil der Arbeit wird es sein, eine eigene Meinung über das Thema ''A year in a US High School'' zu schreiben, deswegen wollte ich fragen ob mein Text okay ist. Hier der Text (Eigene Meinung): I would not like to visit US - schools because they have a dress code. I think grade A - F in US - schools better than in our school system. In comparison I like the lockers in US - Schools more because the lockers are bigger and the students don't need to pay for their locker. The subjects are different as in German - Schools. Health is a subject in US - Schools. US - Schools have the same subjects everyday and they have the same timetable from Monday to Friday. I think that isn't good because I think that is boring. American and German Schools begin at different times and I think German schools start early. US - Schools don't have fall holidays and I think that isn't good. What do you think about US and German - schools?

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Suche ein Lied (z.B auch im Intro von Sacconejoly Video, we got more dogs)?

Und zwar suche ich das Lied aus dem Intro von den Sacconejolys, wie oben steht von diesem Video. Das Lied geht ca. so: Hello morning, now it's time to go after sleeping on the floor, I'm gonna slippin' out the door before you see my face. I'm slippin' out the door before you see my face. But it didn't mean it didn't matter to me like taking steps is what I had to do" ..............

Danke im Vorraus, hoffe jemand kennt das Lied :)

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Englisch - kann mir jemand helfen, zwei Stellen in diesem Songtext zu verstehen?

Es ist ein Satiresong ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmeSGwVBoao )

I know that you've got opinions

But won't you consider this,

Your skin tone opresses millions

So just quiet down a bit

Come join me in gender studies

Come get a useless degree

And when you make garbage money (was ist garbage money?)

Take no responsibility

Come be PC, Come be PC

Things are so splendid

When you're offended

Take it from me (Sinn? Vor allem das "take it from me" verstehe ich nicht)

We're fighting for progress, can't you see?

Silencing all who might disagree

So, respectfully

Be a crybully

Come be PC

Come join us in our safe spaces

Our shelteres from points of view

And maybe on rare ocasions

We'll let you think something new

But if we deem your thoughts toxic

We might have to shut you down

And if you critique our logic

Better use our prefered pronouns

Come be PC, Come be PC

Our low key racism

Is heroism


Let's all fight for the little guy

From our parents mansion online

Come join our prison

Look what you're missin'

Come be PC, Come be PC

We're a collective

Diffferent perspectives

Must go unseen

Different opinions are okay

As long as they're different in the same way

Come join our cult

It's not difficult

Oh, come be PC

Ooooh, Come be PC, Come be PC

Freedom of speech is

Simply not needed

I guarantee

As long as everyone agrees

We will live in perfect harmony

That's what I'm sellin'

Ain't it compellin'?

Come be PC

No more mansplaining

No victim blaming

Come be PC

No problematic

Words to cause panic

No more traumatic

Facts wreaking havoc

On our vapid

Minds going rabid

Come be PC

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genaue bedeutung ''remove before flight''?

Hallo manche kennen euch diese Schlüsselanhänger mit den Text ''remove before flight'' auf deutsch übersetzt ''vor dem Flug entfernen''. Aber was genau soll das bedeuten? soll das heißen das man den Schlüsselanhänger vor dem Flug mit ein Fluzeug entfernen soll und wenn ja warum? oder was soll das sonst bedeuten verstehe das nicht...

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