Was bedeutet das Zeichen auf AJ McLeans Bauch?

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Hallo MJLisaJackson!

Das ist die Zahl 69! Ich kopiere dir einfach mal den kompletten Text dazu:

When AJ got this tattoo: March of '99, before the boys went to New York.

Location: Belly button, stomache.

Meaning: 69 is AJ's FAVE number!, its a lucky number to him, as
its always poping up in his life. His first house that he grew up and
was born in had 69 in the number, car licence plate, had 69,
grandparents had things with 69. Its just a recording number. Please
leave AJ alone with this number it may mean the other thing, but to him
its a lucky number just like everyone has a lucky number!

Und hier der Link zu der Seite:


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