was bedeutet "application"?

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application = Bewerbungsschreiben

Du musst ein formelles Bewerbungsschreiben an den amerikanischen Koordinator des Highschool- Austauschprogrammes schreiben.

Hey, application heißt Bewerbung.^^

Also sollst du als internationaler Student dich bei einer amerikanischen High School bewerben. Das geht dann an den Koordinator des Schulprogramms.


In diesem Fall ist eine Bewerbung gemeint.

Letter of application: Ist dieser Satz sprachlich korrekt?

In today's issue of "The Times" you advertised the position of a "Management Assistant", I would like you to consider my application for.

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Wie schreibt man am besten einen Report mit Statistiken?

Hallo, wir haben im Englisch Unterricht die Aufgabe einen Report zu schreiben zu dieser Aufgabenstellung : You were part of a group of students from school who were forbidden to use their mobile phones and the internet for two weeks in and outside school. Aftet the publication of the results you write a report for the parents´ organization.

Ich weiß wie es ungefähr geht, nur hänge ich gerade voll am Faden.

Ich habe so angefangen :


The aim of the report is to..... leider weiß ich nicht weiter, vielleicht kann mir irgendjemand helfen !

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Darf man Infinitive benutzen in formal letters?

Ich muss einen letter to the editor schreiben (in formal letter style halt) aber darf man da eigentlich Infinitive verwenden, ich meine nämlich, dass mir sowas vielleicht mal angestrichen wurde in einer Klausur, bin mir aber nicht mehr sicher

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Kann mir jemand meinen Englisch Text verbessern?

My plan after the 10th class is if I am accepted on an advanced technical college to change. Then there I can acquire my professional Abitur in the main focus Social educational theory. If I liked to make then still the 13th class on the professional high school I my general university maturity (Abitur). The professional high school is same on the same school like the advanced technical college. The prerau's settlement for it is to be had learnt during at least 3 years the 2nd foreign language. By the general university maturity (Abitur) I have to study the possibility at every university for every field. To be accepted on an advanced technical college one must have at least one high-school diploma. However, if all that should not clap I remain at school and go of making in the upper stage around my Abitur there. Indeed, I still have the 3rd plan if to me the licensing for the upper stage would be absent. Then I would go because on another advanced technical college. This advanced technical college would also be for the main focus Social educational theory with the difference, however, one they would have to pay. Then on this school I would leave exactly the same ones like by my 1st choice. The reason why I rather on a Fachhochscule would go is ichdort in the 11th class more practise than theory has.I would make my 1-year-old training period then in the mornings in the kindergarten and in the afternoon in the hoard. My aim it is to be able to be by the Abitur on a university where I can study then basic school teaching post. Then as a main subject I would take in German. With the other fields I am not sure yet. Although I would find religion also not bad. By different training periods I know the occupation basic school teaching post definitively my dream job is I also later would like to exercise.

Fals jemand den deutschen Teil noch benötigen sollte kann ich der Person den auch nich geben.

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Was bedeutet europäische Dimension?

Ich soll in Englisch ein Report schreiben doch ich komme einfach beim Thema nicht mit. Auch wenn ich die Themenstellung übersetze verstehe ich sie nicht vielleicht kann jemand helfen?Und Was ist eine europäische Dimension?

As a part of an international exchange project you have stayed at an English school for a few weeks and now the principal of your school has asked you to write a report about yor stay with a specific focus on the European dimension. In your report you should:

outline your impressions of the British point of view towards Europe

discuss your personal experience as a foreigner at a British school

Analyse advantages and/or disadvantages as a citizen of an EU country

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Kann mir jemand diese Bewerbung für eine Bildungsreise nach England korrigieren?

Hier der Text:

I am writing to you to express my interest in the offer to take part in an educational journey to England. I believe, I have the right qualifications for the excursion to England, because I am able to speak and write in English nearly fluent and I improved my English skills multiple times during vacations abroad. Because I may want to study abroad someday, it would be a unique chance to visit the Oxford University to get an impression of studying in the United Kingdom, but I am also very interested to learn more about the British culture and history.

I believe after you have reviewed my application you will see that I possess the required skills. I am looking forward to hear soon about the results. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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