Warum wurde George Washington der "amerikanische Joshua" genannt?

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George Washington hieß mit zweitem Vornamen Joshua.


Okay wusste ich nicht, aber es geht um eine biblische Persönlichkeit, https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Josua,_der_Sohn_Nuns
Josua der Son Nuns
Trotzdem schonmal danke!


Die Gleichheit der Namen erleichterte natürlich diesen Vergleich.


Er wurde wegen dem Namen so genannt, da er ja eigentlich Spanier war, wurde er der "amerikanische Joshua" genannt.


Du sprichst von einer biblischen Person? Welcher biblischen Person?

Vielleicht Jesus? Man weiß heute nämlich nicht genau, wie der Name Jesus in biblischer Zeit ausgesprochen wurde - vielleicht JESCHUA oder JEHOSCHUA.

Englisch referat! :o

ich muss ein referat über st.pauls cathedral machen , es soll kurz sein ; und da ich nicht wirklich gut englisch kann habe ich die frage an euch , ob es so okey ist oder ob ich noch was hinzufügen soll . Also ; hier kommt es ; st. pauls cathedral is one of the largest churches , and the second biggest dome in the world . This building is over 108meters high and more than 350 years old . Christopher Wrem designed this old building . The cathedral is very important for many famous people , because their married there . But a lot of other famous people buried there , too . This is the reason why so many people want to visit the church ; - about 200.000 wisitors each year !

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Fragen für Referat " Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights Movement"

Hallo, also morgen habe ich meine Englisch mündlich Prüfung.

Ich würde gerne wissen ob dieser text für das Referat in Ordnung ist ich habe 2 wichtige Punkte zugeteilt bekommen Montgomery Bus Boycott und The march on Washington wäre gut wenn sich jemand mal das durchlesen könnte.

Verbesserungsvorschläge sind natürlich gut! Außerdem wüsste ich gerne was ihr mich fragen würden wenn ich das Referat vorgetragen hätte.

Hier der Text:

Montgomery Bus Boycott:

The Montgomery Bus Boycott was a 381 days long protest. The campaign lasted from December 1, 1955, when Rosa Parks, an African American woman, was arrested for refusing to surrender her seat to a white person. White people was sitting in the front rows and was filling the bus to the back. Black people had to take the take the seats in the back rows. When there were more white people than the black people had to stand up and the white people created a new row. The Black People had to pay at the front and had to reenter at the backdoor. On December 1, 1955 Parks was sitting in the most front row for black people. A White man entered the bus and the bus driver ordered all black people to move back to make a new row for the whites. The City - Rules enable the bus driver to move people out of their seats to others. Exactly this happened parks, the bus driver gave the order for all of the blacks to move. The other blacks followed him, but Parks refused and was dragged off of the bus. Her arrest immediately followed. On December 5, the day of the process from Rosa Parks nearly 100 percent of the black population came to protest.

The march on Washington:

On August 28, 1963, more than 250,000 demonstrators descended upon the nation's capital to participate in the "March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom". Not only was it the largest demonstration for human rights in United States history, but it also brought a rare display of unity among the various civil rights organizations. The event began with a rally at the Washington Monument featuring several celebrities and musicians. Participants then marched the mile-long Mall to the Lincoln Memorial. The three-hour program at the Lincoln Memorial included speeches from important civil rights like• Meaningful civil rights legislation• A $2 minimum wage• Protection for all civil rights protesters• Federal law prohibiting racial• Public works program for all unemployed

and religious leaders, including one of the most famous speeches ever made, the " I have a Dream" speech, made by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Afterwards, the day ended with a meeting between March leaders and President John F. Kennedy at the White House.

Ich weiss, dass noch viel zu Martin Luther King fehlt, wie " I have a dream" oder King's method of non violent resistance.

Danke schonmal

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Ins Deutsch übersetzen^^

Hallöchen kiki 表情符 , könnte ihr mir vielleicht mal helfen, die zwei folgenden Sätz ins Deutsch zu übersetzen? 1,In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you, for this is the Law and the Prophets. 2, Treat people the way you want to be treated. Talk to people the way you want to be talked to. Respect is earned, not given. Dank im vorraus und 1 �?� als Dankeschön ^^

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Was bedeutet "American Joshua"?

Ich muss diese frage beantworten: Why was george washington called "the american joshua" und ich hab leider keine ahnung und komm mit den googel-ergebnissen nicht zurecht. kann mir wer helfen? Wer war "the American Joshua"??

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Englisch Text korriegieren

Hallo kann jemand folgenden Text korrigieren? Dankeschön Dear Ben Russell, I read your article “Credit cards to ration individuals' carbon use“, which is published in newspaper The Independent in July19,2006. First of all I want to say that I think it's very good that there are people like you who think about the environment and of course about the problems which are exist. The suggestion is that every body has a credit-card with Carbon Dioxide points and if someone travels, use electricity, gas or petrol with carbon rations they have to pay. There is a special amount of this points and if you need more than your personal cap you have to buy credits on the open market. On the other side if there are people who cut the pollution of the carbon they produce, they could sell their surplus. Mr Miliband also suggests that banning products like light bulbs or electrical appliances which waste power while on standby, have to forbid. Everyone have to make automatic payments of offset pollution. I think this credit cards are not a good idea, because there would be a discrimination, because on the one hand rich people wouldn't cut their consume because they have the money to buy this credits. The most of them wouldn't take care about the environment. On the other hand the poor people have to take care about their carbon use. They haven't got the money to buy new credits. The result would be that the poor people take care and the richer people don't take care. Now you can say that it's maybe not a completely good result but now there are a few people who take care. Better than no one. But what is if the poorer people have to use the car everyday because they have to drive to work. They have to pay that they are working. This wouldn't make work more attractive. The poorer people are disadvantaged. Another cause why this credit cards are not a good idea is that you can't control it. There would be a lot of situations where are disagreements. For example if people drive together to work. Now who have to pay with carbon for that? The driver or the other ones? Another fact is that you can't handle everything with money. Everyone has to pay that the environment become better. But money doesn't help. You can't stop the global warming with money. My idea is that there have to be recompenses for those people who do something against the environment problems. There have to be individual things, which make environment protection very attractive and also necessary. It's very important that everybody knows about the problems and the results if we go on like this. All in all I think it's very good that there are people who think about a solution and things that can be do to stop the global warming. Nevertheless I think the credit-cards and money wouldn't be a good solution

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