Warum upgradet sich der ones to watch von dembele nicht?

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Das ist ganz einfach, denn die Ones to Watch Karten upgraden sich nur durch Informs ( Team of the Week ) Karten! Wozu Karten wie z.B. MOTM oder eben TOTGS leider nicht zählen.

hielfe bitte um verbesserungen?

One day befor Gwendolyn „Gwen“ Shepherds 16-birthday everything is about her remarkable cousin Charlotte, because their Familie believe Charlotte has an unusual gene. Gwen is afraid that she doesn´t have to do with the strange meetings and the special instructions. As Charlotte has dizziness, her mother brings her to the mystery secret society. Just greataunt Maddy share her knowledge with Gwen over the grandmaster and over the inheritable ability, to travel in the past. Then Gwen is dull for the eyes, she go grab air and is located in the past. After that she tells her best friend Leslie from the time leap, Leslie think that Gwen has the time travel-gen and not Charlotte. Only after an again time leap she entrust her mother they will bring her to the headquarter. Arrived there Gwen becomes mistrus, the orden guardian fear conspiracy, why Grace for sixteen years help the previous ones time-traveling Lucy and Paul to escape.

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Bis wann sind die Ones to Watch Karten ziehbar?

Bis wann kann man die Ones to Watch Karten in Fifa 18 ziehen

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Wie verhalten sich IF Spieler, Fifa17?

Wie verhalten sich die Inform Spieler (TDW) im Preis? Wann werden sie teurer und wann billiger? Hab mir nämlich "Lallana IF" gestern für ca. 53k gekauft und heute kostet er 47-49k, obwohl man ihn garnicht mehr ziehen kann. Wie erklärt sich das? Es kann doch nurnoch weniger IF's geben, da sie aufgekauft werden. Trotzdem bitte die Frage allgemein beantworten, wie sich die Preise bilden. Danke euch! :)

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Watch dogs multiplayer freischalten?

Hi, ich weiß das spiel ist heute erst rausgekommen und nur die vorbesteller konnten es gestern schon spielen, aber vielleicht kann mir trotzdem schon jemand die frage beantworten:

Wie schalte ich den Online-Hacking Multiplayer-Modus in Watch dogs frei?

Es steht dort, man müsste die Einführung beenden und das hört sich nach nem Tutorial an, aber ich hab bisher nichts dergleichen gefunden. Google hat auch nichts gebracht. Wäre euch für ne Antwort sehr verbunden! :D

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Englisch Text korriegieren

Hallo kann jemand folgenden Text korrigieren? Dankeschön Dear Ben Russell, I read your article “Credit cards to ration individuals' carbon use“, which is published in newspaper The Independent in July19,2006. First of all I want to say that I think it's very good that there are people like you who think about the environment and of course about the problems which are exist. The suggestion is that every body has a credit-card with Carbon Dioxide points and if someone travels, use electricity, gas or petrol with carbon rations they have to pay. There is a special amount of this points and if you need more than your personal cap you have to buy credits on the open market. On the other side if there are people who cut the pollution of the carbon they produce, they could sell their surplus. Mr Miliband also suggests that banning products like light bulbs or electrical appliances which waste power while on standby, have to forbid. Everyone have to make automatic payments of offset pollution. I think this credit cards are not a good idea, because there would be a discrimination, because on the one hand rich people wouldn't cut their consume because they have the money to buy this credits. The most of them wouldn't take care about the environment. On the other hand the poor people have to take care about their carbon use. They haven't got the money to buy new credits. The result would be that the poor people take care and the richer people don't take care. Now you can say that it's maybe not a completely good result but now there are a few people who take care. Better than no one. But what is if the poorer people have to use the car everyday because they have to drive to work. They have to pay that they are working. This wouldn't make work more attractive. The poorer people are disadvantaged. Another cause why this credit cards are not a good idea is that you can't control it. There would be a lot of situations where are disagreements. For example if people drive together to work. Now who have to pay with carbon for that? The driver or the other ones? Another fact is that you can't handle everything with money. Everyone has to pay that the environment become better. But money doesn't help. You can't stop the global warming with money. My idea is that there have to be recompenses for those people who do something against the environment problems. There have to be individual things, which make environment protection very attractive and also necessary. It's very important that everybody knows about the problems and the results if we go on like this. All in all I think it's very good that there are people who think about a solution and things that can be do to stop the global warming. Nevertheless I think the credit-cards and money wouldn't be a good solution

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