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"Over the past three weeks the Ground Forces HQ issued 26 special tasks. Completing each of them increased player’s chances of accessing the Ground Forces CBT. And today the lucky few are receiving the letters, inviting them to join the testing. If you completed all or just some of the tasks, but didn’t receive the invitation yet, do not worry. We are going to invite a gradually increasing number of testers every day. Please note that spreading any information about the content being tested without a proper developers’ approval is strictly forbidden and signing a non-disclosure agreement is required before joining the CBT.

Another way to participate in it is purchasing our special collector’s tank packs, that include unique premium vehicles, exclusive decals and titles. Please find more details on the tank packs here."


Oder in Deutsch:

Man mußte 26 Aufgaben in drei Wochen im Spiel erfüllen, dann bekam man eine Einladung. Alternativ musste man das "collector's taks pack" kaufen.......

Ciao Loki

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Warum fragst nicht bei Amazon.de nach oder direkt im Internet, unter Google z.B. .

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monsta47 28.03.2014, 17:30

Dort steht LEIDER auch nichts!!!


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