wann singen die schotten das ´´auld lang syne´´

...komplette Frage anzeigen

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Wenn der Whiskeypegel stimmt - bei jeder Gelegenheit!

Im Ernst: zum Jahreswechsel beipielsweise. Oder bei feuchtfröhlichen Feiern.

Slainthe Mhath!

critter 10.12.2009, 21:14

Whiskypegel, liebe Maienblume!

Und dann grölen wir gemeinsam mit. :-)


New Year at Midnight. (the whole Festival around it is called hogmonay, beware of guys in kilts! They might lift them and then you'll know for sure what they are not wearing under their kilt ;))

And on the January 25th - That's Burns Night. Robert Burns is one of THE most famous poets in Scottish history. To explain this tradition would be too much, but if you search for you'll find it on the Internet.

And as the mate above said: whenever they are drunk. But then they are more likely to sing Flower Of Scotland, Scotland's national anthem, and rant about the English wan**rs ;)

Warum nicht gleich bei Goolge? Ist der erste Entrag dort.

Was möchtest Du wissen?