wann kommt der film zu house of night raus?

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Der Film soll nach dem jetzigen Stand erst Anfang 2014 rauskommen! Leider!

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Ich habe irgendwo gelesen, dass er in 2016 rauskommen wird.

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http://www.gutefrage.net/tipp/house-of-night--verfilmung--besetzung-usw-alle-infos-- Zitat: Hallo, ich hab jetzt schon mindestens 10 Mal auf Antworten gepostet die etwas mit der House of Night Verfilmung usw. zutun hatten. Damit ihr euch jetzt die ständige Fragerei ersparen könnt, schreibe ich es jetzt noch einmal für alle hier rein, denn der eigentliche Film ist noch garnicht am laufen.

Sie bereiten gerade alles vor, haben das Drehbuch schon geschrieben. Die Schauspieler für die einzelnen Charaktere sind noch nicht gecastet ! ! !

Zunächst einmal hab ich ein Interview mit der Autorin P.C. Cast auf ihrer eigenen Website gefunden, auf der sie alle Fragen beantwortet! Ich finde dass alle Fragen wichtig sind, habe aber nur einige davon gepostet die am wichtigsten sind. Die restlichen könnt ihr ja dann auf der Seite selbst lesen!

Hier ein Ausschnitt aus dem Interview:

Like with the old post on writing advice, my old movie info post has become overloaded to the point where I can't respond to you. So here's an updated blog. AS I GET MORE MOVIE INFO I'LL POST IT. THAT MEANS THIS IS ALL I KNOW RIGHT NOW.


Q: Are the books being made into a movie/tv series?

A: Maybe. The series has been optioned by Empire Pictures. I've read the screenplay, written by the very talented Kent Dalian, and I've given it my complete endorsement. Now I sit back and wait like the rest of y'all to see what happens.

Q: I'm perfect to play Zoey/Aphrodite/Stevie Rae/Damien/Erik/either Twin/Duchess/Nala/Neferet, etc., etc., so could you pick me to be in the movie/TV series? Could I audition for you? Where are auditions? What's happening?

A: Casting is NOT GOING ON YET. I have no clue if it's going to be open casting, or if the studio is going to attach an actress/actor to to the part(s) without opening it to others. I don't know what my involvement will be. Technically, my producer can do whatever he wants to do. Again, he does listen to me, and I wouldn't be surprised if I'm involved, but nothing is being cast right now. So, NO, don't send me your information. I'll post here if there is a casting call and give you the details.

Q: But what about the videos you send out and the ones on the HoN website? Are those the actors for the movie? And I hate/love them and think they look perfect/too old!

A: The videos from the houseofnightseries.com site are book trailers and ONLY book trailers. They were produced by my fabulous publisher as fun extras and teasers for my fans. They have nothing to do with any movie/tv series. And for the record: I helped choose the models, and they are teenagers. NO I DO NOT THINK THEY LOOK TOO OLD. If I did, I wouldn't have chosen them. Also, I can't put you in contact with the models. Yes, the model who plays Zoey is the same lovely girl, whose real name is Tara, who portrays Zoey on all the book covers. I think she's wonderful. No, I don't know the other models' names. No, I can't put you in touch with "Stark," no matter how hot you think he is.

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Also falls du es immer noch nicht weißt. Der Film soll 2013 erscheinen. Ich denke mal Mitte bis Ende des Jahres.

Freu mich schon! :)

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