Ab welchem alter können plastische Chirurgie eine OP durchführen? ( Speak english please if you can because i can't speak german that good), Bitte?

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If it is more than just a little aesthetic problem you will get of course help in such things soon.

If there is no dramatic reason, you would have to wait until the age of 18.

Deine Eltern entscheiden. Viele Ärzte aber machen es erst ab 14 oder 16.

Kommentar von Mauley
03.04.2016, 01:55

In english: Your parent's need to decide that. But for most of the doctor's you need to be 14 or 16

Kommentar von Bauchwehistdumm
03.04.2016, 02:02

Hast du die Frage überhaupt gelesen?


Usually you have to be an adult and 18 years old. Nobody is going to give you surgery while you are still growing up, because your body is still growing and changes can still happen naturally. There are exceptions though, where you can have it done with your parents approval  and by doctor's advice but I can't tell you when this is the case. (I would think probably when you've had an accident or something and you've been disfigured and are suffering not only physically) 

i think it depends on which plastic surgery you mean. normally you have to be 18 but there are also surgerys under 18 like the ear surgery

Kommentar von malak277r4
03.04.2016, 02:18

Zum beispiel "Haartransplantation"welcher alter


Do you mean perform plastic surgery or, like, get a plastic surgery? In both cases you need to be at least 18, if there isn't a reasonable reason.

Kommentar von Livid
03.04.2016, 01:55

reasonable reason ist gut. 😂


I guess you need to be 18

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