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Today, I would like tell you something about ducks, after which you will certainly come to love them, not as food but as lovely animals!

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most of us like ducks, roasted or not!

The most famous duck in the world is Donald... Donald cackles angrily most of the time as his nephews and his uncle get on his nerves.

Normal ducks cackle too, but they don´t speak like Donald.

They like to pick up their food whilst swimming and are very active during the whole day!

In the evening they gather ashore, close to a lake or a river and put their head under their wing in order to sleep. They remain close to the waterfront in order to be able to flee rapidly in case a fox or a weasel threatens them.

The common Duck likes to live in a flock, eating and flying together.

In the springtime male ducks are very eager to catch a bride, they chase the poor female across the lawn and the water until they can get hold of her and jump on her... They are mostly quite rough...

Female ducks breed alone and takes care of the ducklings alone...

Some duck breed on trees and the little ones have to spring from the tree  down to the pond or river. Most of the time their fall is cushioned by grass or leaves. Also. there is no danger for ducklings when they spring, in spite of the fact that their jump looks quite spectacular...

Like many other wild animals, duck have adapted to modern times and breed  close to human housings or roads.


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Dear Daisies and Donaldmen? ;)

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Kommentar von emily2001
24.05.2016, 21:08

... and Donalds...


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